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use of two conjoined nouns instead of a noun and modifier

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Critics have often interpreted Volponi's Memoriale and La macchina mondiale as a sort of hendiadys, a two-step reflection of the author on the same cultural and political issues, as Maria Lenti, analyzing the critical fortune of Volponi, explained: "Di Memoriale e del successivo La macchina mondiale (1965) si astraggono i due protagonisti: lunatici e visionari, sognatori, utopisti.
McLuhan found hendiadys useful and the resonant interval interesting but he does not have the typical dialectician' s interest in synthesizing or collapsing two into one.
However, its use in hendiadys such as [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (cf.
The additional words were based on the hendiadys in Zech 7:9; Isa 63:7; 44:8; Jer 16:5.
Shakespeare, of course, did not study English, but his schooling included, among other things, the practice of double translation, which Rhodes links to the figure of hendiadys, so characteristic of Shakespeare's rhetoric, and, more generally, to the "double voice" critics have discovered in his plays.
Very little attention had been given to the trope (6) of hendiadys to that point in the considerable field of Shakespeare studies, yet Wright proved that it occurs with astonishing regularity in most of the major tragedies, especially in Hamlet.
28) It is in this juridical dimension that the social being unfolds an essential property of human nature, (29) developed around the hendiadys universal-general versus singular-particular, abstract versus concrete, species versus individual, abstract individual versus concrete man.
41) The inherited English terms for earlier population study, with their more than residual brutality and dualism, probably still sound useful chords: John Graunt's title "Natural and Political Observations" is something like, in the broader sense, a hendiadys, and admits the two-sided foundation of his work.
Instead, the indissoluble hendiadys debt-government was even more reinforced and debt continued to be used to finance wars and, although indirectly, to guarantee order.
Text is thus conceived as a syntax composed of actions, and the rhetorical figure that turns out to govern the Stendhalian text (fictional and biographical) most often is that of hendiadys, which Bernard Dupriez defines in his Gradus, les procedes litteraires: "dissocier en deux elements, coordonnes, une formulation qu'on aurait attendu normalement en un seul syntagme dans lequel l'un des elements aurait ete subordonne a l'autre,' As a narratological concept, Kliebenstein distinguishes hendiadys from Genette's "repetition" Notably, hendiadys allows for only one recurrence of the action and when the action recurs it is altered.
8) Embora nao desenvolva a questao, Hopper (2002) cogita a possibilidade de o uso de hendiadys estar associado, entre outras coisas, a intencao do falante de compensar, atraves do aumento do "volume" de itens linguisticos, os enunciados pequenos, mas importantes.
One example of how this hendiadys operates is the prefiguring of the hero's final fate earlier in the text; another is the theme of 'reaimer', or the use of two heroines, which seems to characterize Stendhal's fiction.
Hendiadys ('expression of a complex idea by two words connected with and') is used to an unprecedented extent.
Then, two cases in which Clinton exercised democratic enlargement to justify foreign military intervention are examined rhetorically to demonstrate how the frame encourages using rhetorical forms of accumulation and hendiadys and with what results.
Apart from the fact that hendiadys is a figure widely dispersed in early modern texts, Vickers asserts that in the Elegy we find at most two or three, "depending on the reader's charity" (191).