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a farm building for housing poultry

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So perhaps we should be glad and relieved that more didn't unravel; that there was actually some progress on some matters; and that plans to give the World Trade Organisation fox free run of the hencoop of international environmental agreements were eventually thwarted.
Figuratively speaking, the goose in the hencoop in the woodworking industry is the shipping department.
Yanko was the "only living soul" to escape "from that disaster" (149), which he achieved by grasping a hencoop that, miraculously, floated ashore.
Coming into my dad's grocery store at Richfield Center (Michigan, of course), he approached the counter and delivered this remarkable pronouncement: "I vant to buy an empty barrel of flour to make a hencoop for my dog." (And that's the truth.)
Accommodation was a "hencoop" filled with children.' The details matter, not in order to expose gratuitously Bunting's private affairs, but because this wretched period bears directly on Bunting's poetry.
Our stay on earth is not for long." Without pausing, Bill ridicules Christ's sharing with his disciples the wine of communion in Matthew 26:29--"Let us utilize the product of the vine" (emphasis added); William Jennings Bryan's and the orthodox Christians' view of evolution--"Let us not pry into the holy mysteries of the hencoop with simian fingers"; Bryan's and the fundamentalists' blind faith--"Let us accept on faith and simply say--I want you to join with me in saying--What shall we say, brother?"; William Jennings Bryan's and William Cullen Bryant's reverence toward prayer and nature--"Let no man be ashamed to kneel here in the great out-of-doors.
All of which pales next to the man, not long off the boat, who came into my dad's country grocery store to ask for "an empty barrel of flour to make a hencoop for my dog."
JEDDAH: If international rugby players lived in hencoops, there would be much fluttering and neck pecking at the unexpected - and well deserved - win in the San Diego Rugby sevens this week for Argentina.