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Eurasian plant having toothed leaves and small two-lipped white or purplish-red flowers

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Of the three, the one-ton and two-ton rates worked best in peppermint, reducing barnyard grass, green foxtail, common lambsquarters, henbit and redroot pigweed populations by 90 percent several weeks after application.
Which jockey had four Derby wins on Troy, Henbit, Nashwan and Erhaab?
Sweet Williams brighten roadsides and forest areas, and Henbit bathes farmland with subtle shades of spring purple.
The Stirling jock booted home Troy, Henbit, Nashwan and Erhaab but doesn't see anything of their calibre in Saturday's field.
In order to get some important work into her, Channon has taken her to the famous summer gallops on which the likes of Henbit and Troy completed their preparations for Classic glory.
What's hot: Cobra[R] Herbicide, used for yield enhancement in soybeans; Valor[R] Herbicide, used in a fall application to control tough winter annuals including henbit, chickweed, marestail, purple deadnettle and dandelion.
Willie Carson won the Derby four times, Troy in 1979, Henbit in 1980, Nashwan in 1989, who was he aboard when winning his final Derby in 1994?
Notable names on the roll of honour for the Group Three contest include Unfuwain, Henbit and the great Shergar, who won by 10 lengths in 1981.
Then winter arrives--usually for about two weeks--and we get new weeds--chickweed, henbit and annual bluegrass.
Dick Hern and Willie Carson won both races in 1980 with Henbit and Bireme and five years later Henry Cecil and Steve Cauthen did it with Slip Anchor and Oh So Sharp.
Fellow Epsom heroes Henbit and Shergar were successful before the race's association with the drinks supplier started.
Only two horses have landed the Chester contest and won at Epsom in Henbit in 1980 and Sherger in 1981.
He trained arguably the best horse of the 20th Century Brigadier Gerard, won three Derbys - Troy (1979), Henbit (1980) and Nashwan (1989) - and six St Legers.
In milder years, the foliage of crocus, columbine, henbit, catnip, forget- me-not, garlic mustard, dandelion, wild onion, celandine, hemlock and ground ivy expands slowly between cold fronts, revealing the often-overlooked Season of Green Winter Leaves.
Although Henbit in 1980 and Shergar a year later both went on to triumph at Epsom after victory in the Chester Vase, few recent winners have made an impression in the blue riband event after triumphing on the Roodee.