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poisonous fetid Old World herb having sticky hairy leaves and yellow-brown flowers

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Seeds of white henbane were collected from commune of ARRIS (65 km from wilaya of BATNA, Eastern of Algeria) which is located 1087meter altitude as above sea level 35[degrees] 15' 0'N and 6[degrees] 21' 0" E (fig 1).
1987) found that X-irradiation significantly reduced the amount of DNA of the irradiated tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) and henbane (Hyoscyamus muticus).
Mi gewch chi hwn hefyd yn llewyg yr ir - henbane yn Saesneg ac mewn Mandragora officinalis.
TABLE 1 Drugs with Categorization Drug Group Category Subcategory Drug Depressants Alcohol Inhalants Sleep medication, tranquilizers, anxiolytics (without a diagnosis or prescription) Medical drugs and alcohol combined Heroin and other opiates GHB, GBL Stimulants Tobacco Ecstasy (MDMA) Amphetamine and other stimulants Cocaine Hallucinogens Deliriants Jimson weed, angel's Dissociatives trumpet, henbane, etc.
Unlike modern beers that are flavored with flowers of the hop plant, the Eberdingen-Hochdorf brew probably contained spices such as mugwort, carrot seeds or henbane, in Stika's opinion.
Another theory holds that the psychedelic plant henbane (Hyoscyamus niger) was used in the temple, because the plant was once called "pythonian" by the ancient Greeks in honour of Python: the visionary serpent goddess venerated by the seeresses at the temple, who were themselves called the pythia (e.
Jones notes as well that Pliny mentioned henbane as a cause for mental disorder when poured into the ear.
Accompanying text relates that, indeed, rare seeds of medicinal plants such as hemlock and henbane have been found in the ground there.
Solanaceae: Henbane, Belladonna, Mandrake, and Thorn Apple
John's wort, belladonna, henbane, Jimson weed, mandrake and scopolia
Which TV chef had to apologise after he suggested using the poisonous plant henbane in recipes?
In a magazine interview, Mr Worrall Thompson said the weed henbane made a tasty addition to salads.
The blundering cook advised fans to pick and eat poisonous henbane - which can cause hallucinations, violent seizures and even death.
Avicenna also recommends opium, henbane and mandrake: "If it is desirable to get a person unconscious quickly, without his being harmed, add sweet-smelling moss or aloes-wood to the wine.