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poisonous fetid Old World herb having sticky hairy leaves and yellow-brown flowers

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Seeds of white henbane were collected from commune of ARRIS (65 km from wilaya of BATNA, Eastern of Algeria) which is located 1087meter altitude as above sea level 35[degrees] 15' 0'N and 6[degrees] 21' 0" E (fig 1).
Which TV chef had to apologise after he suggested using the poisonous plant henbane in recipes?
3 Which celebrity chef apologised after mistakenly suggesting in a magazine article that the poisonous plant henbane was great in salads?
In a magazine interview, Mr Worrall Thompson said the weed henbane made a tasty addition to salads.
The blundering cook advised fans to pick and eat poisonous henbane - which can cause hallucinations, violent seizures and even death.
Avicenna also recommends opium, henbane and mandrake: "If it is desirable to get a person unconscious quickly, without his being harmed, add sweet-smelling moss or aloes-wood to the wine.
With mortar and pestle in hand she grinds a concoction of "K-Y jelly," "berries from the belladonna branch, crumbles of henbane," and "a compressed square of marijuana buds" (50).
Justin's Epitome of Trogus notes that the king raised herbs in his own gardens, both beneficial and harmful, and Plutarch, Demetrius, tabulates the poisonous herbs, including henbane, hellebore, hemlock, aconite and thornapple.
Morphine found in opium, atropine in henbane, scopolamine in mandrake, and coniine in hemlock can all induce sleep.
THE reason why witches used hemlock and henbane in their flying ointments will be explained at the National Botanic Garden of Wales.
Before fog leaves the scrub-oak Or the grasses of the downland, Take dragonwort under the black alder, Take cockspur grass and henbane, The belladonna, the deadly nightshade.
Here's the apocryphal OED reference: "'Twas this cruel night the jack-slave featly came, to blog her with henbane and sarcenet.
Scientists discovered the remnants of a brew in a Neolithic pot in the Orkneys: it contained henbane, hemlock and deadly nightshade, ingredients that could kill but which in beer would produce mind-altering hallucinatory effects.
The useful wild plants are: coltsfoot, comfrey, chickweed, cow parsley, docks, sorret (sour dock), dandelion, fat hen groundsel, heather, Plantain, Shepherds Purse, sow thistle, watercress, bind weed, celandine, foxglove, wild iris, fool's parsley, henbane, and lettuce.
What saves this from sentimentality is the precision of Clare's observations: he calls the roll of pellitory (a nettle-like plant), henbane, mallows, princess-feather tree, and green-linnet's nest, shaming our ignorance.