hen harrier

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common harrier of North America and Europe

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Campaigners say hen harriers are the most persecuted birds of prey in Britain, with their numbers falling by 20 per cent between 2004 and 2010.
The Hen Harrier Farm Plan Scheme closed to applicants in April 2010.
Experts say there are up to 380 pairs of hen harriers in England.
Data from preparatory activities will guide targeted conservation measures to protect hen harrier, and to collect evidence to support law enforcement actions combating illegal persecution.
The uplands of Northern England should have at least 320 pairs of breeding hen harriers but last year not a single chick was raised in the whole of England.
To compensate for the alarming decline in the bird's fortunes, they became protected by law - killing a hen harrier now carries a fine of up to pounds 5,000 or six months in prison.
Only four nesting pairs of hen harriers successfully raised young in a survey of the English uplands this year by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and Natural England.
It estimates that there are only 521 breeding pairs of hen harriers left in Britain.
The charity launched a campaign today to boost the numbers of birds such as golden eagles, hen harriers, buzzards and peregrine falcons.
The Northumberland Hen Harrier Protection Partnership has revealed that there have been two successful nests on Forestry Commission land in the county.
The RSPB said several studies have concluded that persecution on intensively managed upland grouse moors is the key issue affecting some bird of prey populations, which has prevented species such as the golden eagle and hen harrier from occupying parts of their natural range, especially in England.
Tenders are invited for the hen harrier circus cyaneus is listed on annex 1 of the birds directive (directive 2009/ 147/ec) and is amber listed on the birds of conservation concern in ireland (lynas et al 2007).
The "pest" involved is the majestic hen harrier which is a protected species and one of Ireland's rarest birds of prey.
The rare Hen Harrier was found dead on the banks of the Llyn Brenig reservoir on Denbigh Moors by a member of the public.