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Synonyms for hemstitch

a stitch in which parallel threads are drawn and exposed threads are caught together in groups

embroidery similar to drawnwork

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sew with hemstitches

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Prewash and dry fabric, as hemstitched pleats will pucker if the fabric hasn't been pre-shrunk.
Sheets came with hemstitched borders; quilts were made of silk with patterned vermicelli or box-stitch designs; duvets were either woven jacquard or embroidered; and decorative pillows showed off pintuck and lattice-weave designs.
Com mas cus, mas forada He so hemstitched the lover, el drut gallard The basting was so thick, i converteix l'esposa He looked like a pincushion, en un buirac.
There, beyond the house, On the horizon, Their silent lives The hemstitched mountains live, wearing Their gray scarf secrets, And under the floor of the house Its enigmatic life, Its special life, lives The dirt, And all that is buried within-- Seeds, roots, streams .
Davis highlighted tables set with gold Annie Glass chargers and monogramed hemstitched linen napkins.
Acanthus hemstitched cotton linens, which are also available in other shades, and red gossamer silk organza Rang Mahal linens with antique gold flange.
Make sure the napkin has a well-stitched edge--a hemstitched napkin works best.
Tables were accented with white hemstitched linens, vintage bottles, and hand-gathered florals.
At 340 threads, the new line is the highest offered by WestPoint; pinpoint sheets with hemstitched detail will be limited to the perennially popular shades of white and ivory.
A white hemstitched runner embroidered with the couple's initials was draped on the bride's table.
Highlights from the Atrium line include Rhapsody Diamonds, a 220 thread count, all-cotton program that features a jacquard diamond pattern on the top of the bed that coordinates with an embroidered, scalloped or hemstitched sheet.
On table linens for example, the best sellers are said to be hemstitched mats, napkins and table cloths on linen.