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Synonyms for hempen

having or resembling fibers especially fibers used in making cordage such as those of jute


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Louis, MO; great-grandchildren August Leo Garvey and Autumn Patricia Garvey of Columbia, MO; nieces and nephews Craig Cassidy, Karen (husband Ivan) Benning, Carol (husband Jim) Hempen and Cathy (husband Dave) Vincent, Becky Neisler and Drexel Neisler.
(4.) Gervelmeyer A, Hempen M, Nebel U, Weber C, Bronzwaer S, Ammon A, Makela P.
Whether players will still be dancing the hempen jig or hornswoggling one another, is something only time will tell.
Harry Falk, "The Alleged Kharosthl-Brahmi Mixed Script and Some New Seals from Bengal", in Hans Harder and Thomas Oberlies, eds., Zeitshrift fur Indologie und Sildasienstudien (Bremen: Hempen Verlag, 2014), pp.
Once he gave Bull a stinging blow across the face with a heavy hempen swab when the apprentice tossed Ieuan's corebox into the water bosh.
[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] In a solitary boat, with hempen cape and hat, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] A lone old rustic, fishing in the frigid river snow.
They wear dresses of hempen stuff, black and blue, and sleep upon mats; in fact their asceticism is something astonishing.
Literacy permits an accused criminal the benefit of receiving justice from the usually less severe religious authorities and escape the "hempen tippet" of a scaffold death (23).
Hemp is one of the oldest sources of textile fibers, with extant remains of hempen cloth trailing back 6 millennia.
If the very poorest and meanest man commits murder, he is hanged with a hempen halter, and his body dissected.
hempen tackle" as the sails "draw the huge bottoms" of King Henry's ships "through the furrowed sea, / Breasting the lofty surge" (3.0.8-9,12-13), "from camp to camp through the foul womb of night ...
In 1926 during the General Strike, the New Statesman asked: "Should we hang him from a lamp post for the incorrigible blood-letter that he is?" Well, it would have been a plain hempen rope.
At times, the physicality of the painting's surface seems dense and compacted [Conjunction 92-99, 1992) or rugged and almost scab-like (Conjunction 98-23, 1998), but it can also seem as though the emergent paint has barely grazed the hempen membrane or has been scraped down to the fabric's tooth (Conjunction 77-17, 1977).
Instead, the speaker is arrogant and angry at a 'little, pitiful God' costumed in a 'flowing robe fastened with a hempen girdle'.