hemp agrimony

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coarse European herb with palmately divided leaves and clusters of small reddish-purple flower heads

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The flowers included Lady's Smock, Cowslip, Ragged Robin and Hemp Agrimony while the local nature reserve officer also planted trees such as oak and rowan.
If you have an ailment, a group of historically used herbs to suit your needs might consist of: yarrow, oxknee, sweet flag, calamus, snow on the mountain, hyssop, lady's mantel, garden chive, marsh mallow, lemon verbena, chamomile, American arnica, mugwort, French tarragon, pleurisy root, New England aster, false indigo, wild indigo, calendula, German chamomile, costmary, black cohosh, coneflower, rattlesnake master, hemp agrimony, Joe pye weed, Queen of the Meadow, bronze fennel, sweet woodruff, lady bedstraw, bigfoot geranium, ginkgo tree, Russian licorice, Japanese blood grass, chameleon plant, St.
The pot calls for two coneflower (Echinacea augustifolia), one false indigo (Baptisia australis), two hemp agrimony (Eupatorium cannibinum), and three pot marigold (Calendula officinalis).
BARRINGTON COURT: The estate at the Tudorbuilt Barrington Court is excellent for late summer butterflies, which are attracted by the profusion of buddleias, Michaelmas daisies and Hemp Agrimony.
Nettles appear to be relatively scarce amongst the many so-called weeds around town, which include pretty wild pansies, purple and common toadflax, melilot, hemp agrimony and rosebay willow herb.
Some might be thought too weed-like for gardens but vetches, clovers, knapweed, teasel, field scabious, hemp agrimony, lady's smock and mallow make an impressive wild garden collection.