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a granular brown substance composed of ferric oxide


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The cystic lesions were then evaluated for histopathological variables which included presence or absence of keratinization, cytological atypia and tumour arising within cyst lining, foamy macrophages, mucous cells, vacuolated cells, Rushton bodies, spongiosis , ciliated cells , necrosis, micro-abscesses and Russel bodies, cholesterol crystals, hemosiderin and inflammatory infiltrate.
The fact that the tumors contained high amounts of hemosiderin drew our attention but instead we considered more common pathologies.
Susceptibility weighted images (c) reveal hemosiderin deposits in the caudal tumor parts.
Characterized by hyperplasia of the synovium along with hemosiderin deposition and multinucleated giant cells, PVNS affects the knee joint in 80% of the cases [1].
Corresponding axial T1 pre- and postcontrast imaging was not suggestive of an underlying enhancing tumor but rather hemorrhage with hemosiderin deposition in the left frontoparietal region on susceptibility weighted imaging (Figure 4).
There was also artifact suggestive of hemosiderin deposits, consistent with prior left intraventricular hemorrhage, hemorrhagic contusion, and subdural hematoma, but no indications of skull fracture (Figure 2(b)).
Other ancillary findings are associated joint effusion, potential chemical shift artifact and absence of magnetic susceptibility artifacts from hemosiderin. (7) Our case showed the characteristic finding of lipoma arborescence on MRI in both the suprapatellar pouches and in bilateral hip joints.
Ancient schwannoma (AS) is considered as a long-standing variant of schwannoma, histologically characterized by hemorrhage, hemosiderin pigmentation and pleomorphism of cells.3 AS arising in oral cavity is exceedingly rare and only 18 cases have been reported in the literature as per our best knowledge.4 An exhaustive review of literature did not reveal a single case in a pediatric patient.
Scar endometriosis is diagnosed by presence of endometrial glands, stroma, and hemosiderin pigment.
Histopathology revealed multiple blood-filled cystic spaces with adjoining cellular spindle shaped fibroblastic proliferation interspersed by multinucleate giant cells, hemosiderin laden macrophages.
In the inflammatory infiltrate, brownish granules compatible with hemosiderin possibly derived from hemorrhage (Figure 2-d) was evidenced.
Papillary dermis shows dilated capillaries with extravasation of hemosiderin (Figure 2).
Pseudomelanosis is a rare endoscopic finding of the upper gastrointestinal tract characterized by accumulation of iron or hemosiderin in the histiocytes of lamina propria.