hemorrhagic cyst

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a cyst containing blood

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One study found only 36% of hemorrhagic cysts demonstrated any degree of T1 hyperintensity and the remaining 64% appeared uniformly T1 hypointense.
High scoring (=9) benign lesions were endometriomas, cystic teratomas, mucinous cystadenomas, hemorrhagic cyst and fibromas.
The differential diagnosis for ovarian endometriosis includes hemorrhagic cyst, mature cystic teratoma and mucinous cystic neoplasm.
Current clinical condition was decided to be the result of hemorrhagic cyst rupture.
On CT, hemorrhagic cysts appear as heterogeneous ovarian masses with internal attenuation of 25-100 FIU.
Hemorrhagic cysts produce lacy/reticular echoes and clot with concave margins (FIGURE 2, page 22).
However, if the pain is of sudden onset, urgent evaluation is warranted to rule out adnexal torsion or a ruptured hemorrhagic cyst.
The cut surface of the right ovary showed a hemorrhagic cyst consistent with corpus luteum.
If the lesion has signal and enhancement characteristics of a hemangioma or hemorrhagic cyst, no follow-up imaging is necessary.
13-15] In our study 2 patients did not have any associated adnexal conditions, whereas 4 had a benign hemorrhagic cyst, 2 PCOS and two had ruptured corpus luteum cyst.
6] A cholesterol granuloma, on the other hand, is caused by petrous apex mucosal hemorrhage, obstruction, and inflammation, which can lead to the formation of a thick, fluid-filled, hemorrhagic cyst with a surrounding fibrous capsule.
However, a hemorrhagic cyst may have a characteristic "fish net" appearance with a reticular pattern of internal echos (Figure 15).
On videostroboscopic examination, the lesion appeared to be a hemorrhagic cyst in Reinke's space.
A 6x5 cm hemorrhagic cyst adjacent to the cyst and attached to it with a common pedicle.