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Synonyms for hemopoiesis

the formation of blood cells in the living body (especially in the bone marrow)

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Assuming that disturbance of lymphopoiesis as part of hemopoiesis affects not only the quantity but also the function of the cells, we investigated the level of FOXP3 isoforms expression in Treg, which has different functional properties, as we noted above.
[35] recently demonstrated that while IL-1[beta] is dispensable for steady-state hemopoiesis, acute exposure to IL-1[beta] accelerates HSC proliferation and instructs HSC priming for a myeloid fate.
During scanning electronic microscopic examination in the adipoid bone marrow the adipocytes and small areas of hemopoiesis were determined.
In vitro dual effect of arsenic trioxide on hemopoiesis: inhibition of erythropoiesis and stimulation of megakaryocytic maturation.
Wilson, Adhesive interactions in hemopoiesis, Acta Haematol., 97, 6-12 (1997).
Treatment of Shwachman syndrome by Japanese herbal medicine (Juzen-taiho-to): stimulatory effects of its fatty acids on hemopoiesis in patients.
The spleen showed marked extramedullary hemopoiesis. Tissue sections stained by the Warthin-Starry technique exhibited numerous long, undulating, argophilic bacilli.
Written for specialists in the many fields related to geriatric care, this volume presents 30 articles on the impact of aging on hemopoiesis and the blood conditions experienced by older people.
Interleukin-6 (IL-6), [6] a pleiotropic cytokine of 23.7 kDa produced by both lymphoid and nonlymphoid cells, plays key roles in inflammation, the acute phase response, regulation of immune reactivity, hemopoiesis, and oncogenesis.
This fact may be related with the moment of the necropsy which was done in latter autumn and winter; considering that armadillos may show seasonal hemopoiesis, as reported by Weiss & Wislocki (1956), it is possible that the low number of committed-developing cells was according a steady status.
A pesar de lo complejo y novedoso del conocimiento de las citocinas, se sabe que actuan en grupos o cascadas regulando muchos procesos inmunobiologicos y homeostaticos, tales como la hemopoiesis, proliferacion, diferenciacion celular y apoptosis.
Because this proportion of dividing cells would be alarmingly high in mammals, which have well defined hemopoietic centers, the high proportion of circulating dividing cells along with the lack of defined hemopoietic tissue in oysters may suggest that hemopoiesis occurs in circulation.