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Synonyms for hemophiliac

someone who has hemophilia and is subject to uncontrollable bleeding

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The daughters of hemophiliac men stand a good chance of being carriers who could pass on the chromosomal deficiency to their own sons.
Echavez said four patients died in government hospitals in Manila and in Davao, while one hemophiliac patient from Bohol died while on the way to Cebu to seek treatment.
Around half of Lebanon's hemophiliac or other bleeding disorder patients are under the age of 18 and "yet more than 60 percent already suffer from severe motor disability due to lack of disease education and limited access to treatment," LAH said in a press release.
* Congress authorizes payments to hemophiliacs infected through unscreened U.S.
The prosecutors said Matsumura should have been able to foresee the hemophiliac's death.
It is drawing attention in medical circles as an increasing number of hemophiliacs suffering from both HIV and hepatitis are dying from liver damage, though drug treatment can suppress the onset of AIDS.
In 1995 the National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine found that the federal government had failed to regulate the plasma industry properly or inform patients of risks from blood products that infected the 10,000 hemophiliacs. After years of lobbying by the hemophilia community, last year Congress unanimously passed-and Clinton signed-the Ricky Ray Hemophilia Relief Fund Act, to set up a $750 million fund to compensate those infected with contaminated blood because of government neglect.
hemophiliac community became infected with the AIDS virus.
Perhaps Sinead O'Connor is angry with the pope because, in 1988, he and Carlo Caffarra of the Pontifical Institute for Marriage and Family Matters suggested that, if an AIDS-stricken hemophiliac husband could not abstain from intercourse, it was better to infect his wife than to ever resort to using a condom.
The last AIDS-related bill to pass, in 1990, was the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resource Emergency Act (named for a teen-age hemophiliac who contracted AIDS through a blood transfusion).
In January of 1982, less than nine months after the initial discovery of AIDS, the Centers for Discase Control (CDC) was alerted to the possibility of Factor VIII transmission of AIDS by the appearance of this disease in a hemophiliac. "CDC staffers .
"What would you like to say to the scientists who are trying to find a cure for AIDS?" we asked Ryan White, the 16-year-old hemophiliac with AIDS who sat across from us on the comfortable living-room sofa at the Whites' Cicero, Indiana, home.
Relief from this inherited clotting disorder, hemophilia B, has now come a step closer, thanks to gene therapy performed on a unique group of hemophiliac dogs.
A very mild hemophiliac might hemorrhage once in his entire life time.
The invention of Factor VIII--a substance that, when injected, helped their blood to clot normally--had revolutionized thinking about longevity for America's 20,000 hemophiliacs. Before Factor VIII, a hemophiliac could expect two, maybe three, decades of a life crowded with visits to the hospital for voluminous transfusions.