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Synonyms for hemophiliac

someone who has hemophilia and is subject to uncontrollable bleeding

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He was arrested in October 1996 and charged with causing the deaths from AIDS in 1991 and 1995 of the hemophiliac and the liver patient.
Hemophiliacs also run the risk of excessive bleeding during an operation.
Dubin exalts about the activists' role in exacting favorable terms for the hemophiliac community.
Abe's acquittal surprised a number of hemophiliacs and their supporters, and drew strong criticism from Naoto Kan, secretary general of the opposition Democratic Party of Japan.
More than 1,400 hemophiliacs contracted HIV from unheated blood products administered to them in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and some 500 of them have since died.
In addition, Dubin said the offer contains coercive provisions forcing nearly every hemophiliac to accept it - or it will be withdrawn.
Former top authority on hemophilia Takeshi Abe repeated his plea of not guilty Wednesday to charges that he helped cause an HIV epidemic among hemophiliacs in Japan through HIV-tainted unheated blood products, as his defense counsel opened their final arguments at the Tokyo District Court.
The prosecutors also said Abe obtained the latest data on AIDS around 1983 before other doctors did so and that he actually saw two hemophiliac patients die of AIDS.
According to Levine, an international study of hemophiliacs who have received only heat-treated blood products has found no antibody-positive patients among several hundred hemophiliacs checked so far.
The drug has apparently halted the syndrom in a young French hemophiliac who began receiving treatment in May 1983.
Out of 90 hemophiliac patients screened, 45 patients were positive for Hepatitis C, 4 for Hepatitis B and one was positive for HIV.
He investigates the development of the technological management of hemophilia in terms of the social and cultural assumptions that influenced the approach taken to the disease, the normative goals of treatment, the framing of the hemophiliac as a health consumer, and the iatrogenic catastrophe of HIV infection.
Saghir Ahmed has urged the private institutions, treating, on non profit basis, thalassemic and hemophiliac, to help develop a registry of such patients.
Hamdan is a hemophiliac and has to avoid activities that most take for granted - even a game of soccer or an enthusiastic slap on the back could prove life-threatening.
In April, 18-year-old hemophiliac Ryan White dies; he had received an HIV-tainted blood transfusion five years earlier.