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Synonyms for hem

hem something or someone in: surround

hem something or someone in: restrict

Synonyms for hem

Synonyms for hem

the edge of a piece of cloth

the utterance of a sound similar to clearing the throat


fold over and sew together to provide with a hem

utter 'hem' or 'ahem'

References in classic literature ?
Arrived at the palace, Saouy went in to the king, leaving Noureddin in the square, hemmed in not only by Saouy's slaves but by the royal guard, who had great difficulty in preventing the people from rushing in and rescuing Noureddin.
Swordsmen came up in the rear, and they were soon hemmed in on every side.
Soon we were hemmed in with trees, which in places arched right over the roadway till we passed as through a tunnel.
as the ends of the line crept round the tangle of undergrowth and hemmed the brute in.
We were hopelessly hemmed in by the Black Smoke all that day and the morning of the next.
Oh, no, for when I had taken out the thread I required, I hemmed the edges over again.