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Hemlock poisoning can also be caused by consuming small
affecting the incidence and frequency of hemlock poisoning. As
acute hemlock poisoning cases have occurred in Europe, including the
9 (30%) reported cases of hemlock poisoning included 7 (23.3%) in the
The answer lies in Plato's description of the death of Socrates with its accurate report of the first symptom of hemlock poisoning. (40) When, after a reasonable length of time, this symptom had not appeared, Seneca would have known that the poison too had failed him.
A nineteenth-century physician named John Harley provides us with invaluable evidence on the length of time between ingestion and the appearance of the first symptoms of hemlock poisoning, evidence that corroborates Plato's description of the first symptoms Socrates suffered.
The result is a record of a number of cases demonstrating the effects of hemlock poisoning on people of both sexes, various degrees of health and ill-health and all ages, including children and infants.
(24-25) Water hemlock poisoning will produce initial abdominal pain and nausea within 15-90 minutes, followed by vomiting, flushing, diaphoresis, salivation, vertigo, bronchorrhea, dyspnea, and cyanosis.