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Synonyms for hemlock

poisonous drug derived from an Eurasian plant of the genus Conium

large branching biennial herb native to Eurasia and Africa and adventive in North America having large fernlike leaves and white flowers

soft coarse splintery wood of a hemlock tree especially the western hemlock

References in classic literature ?
"Sir Charles is going to town on Thursday; he will bring you the hemlock. Tell mamma that there is an old woman here who knows some wonderful cure for sore eyes.
For the sake of exercise, she resolved to carry her letter to the village post office and return along the Riverside Road, whereby she had seen hemlock growing.
I was coming through this field when I saw you gathering hemlock. Hemlock is interesting on account of Socrates, and you were interesting as a young lady gathering poison.
'You must excuse me, but I cannot enter into your peculiar views.' One of my views at present is that Miss Lindsay is more amiable under the influence of hemlock than under that of the social system which has made her so unhappy."
I will go no further with you; Max will give the alarm if you faint in the avenue, which I don't think you are likely to do, as you have forgotten all about the hemlock."
I hope you do not want the hemlock to help you to get rid of the burden of life."
Further down, on some waste land separated from the road by a dry ditch and a low mud wall, a cluster of hemlocks, nearly six feet high, poisoned the air with their odor.
Although poplars had been brought from Europe to ornament the grounds, and willows and other trees were gradually springing up nigh the dwelling, yet many a pile of snow betrayed the presence of the stump of a pine; and even, in one or two instances, unsightly remnants of trees that had been partly destroyed by fire were seen rearing their black, glistening columns twenty or thirty feet above the pure white of the snow, These, which in the language of the country are termed stubs, abounded in the open fields adjacent to the village, and were accompanied, occasionally, by the ruin of a pine or a hemlock that had been stripped of its bark, and which waved in melancholy grandeur its naked limbs to the blast, a skeleton of its former glory.
And there were other sensations, less definable but more exquisite, which drew them together with a shock of silent joy: the cold red of sunset behind winter hills, the flight of cloud-flocks over slopes of golden stubble, or the intensely blue shadows of hemlocks on sunlit snow.
The stems of pines, hemlocks, and oaks almost gleam like iron on the excited eye.
A nineteenth-century physician named John Harley provides us with invaluable evidence on the length of time between ingestion and the appearance of the first symptoms of hemlock poisoning, evidence that corroborates Plato's description of the first symptoms Socrates suffered.
Before that he has the little matter of the premiere of his latest show, Hemlock Grove, which will air exclusively on online streaming site Netflix from tomorrow.
Historically, eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis (L.) Carr.) has been considered a foundation species throughout much of eastern North America (Ellison et al., 2005).
Eastern hemlock, Tsuga canadensis (L.) Carriere, comprises a vital component of biological diversity (Jordan & Sharp 1967; Lapin 1994; Tingley et al.
Medical analysis proved these to be parts of the very dangerous plant hemlock and the family were promptly offered appropriate medicine.