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Synonyms for hemiplegia

paralysis of one side of the body

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He said, HPC is providing treatment to the physically disabled, polio, CP, Hemiplegic and other paralyzed patients.
Most statistics give percentages between 85 and 95 of recovering walking for hemiplegics.
Mysterious blisters, unrelated to development of pressure sores or local trauma occurred in 3 hemiplegic in a study by T.
With regard to the upper limb, participants with some active control of the hemiplegic arm performed task-specific exercises which were individually tailored and progressed in dosage and complexity during circuit class therapy.
The study participants consisted of 14 healthy subjects with no history of musculoskeletal or neurological problems, representing the control group (6 males, 8 females; age: 23.2 [+ or -] 3.0 years) and 13 patients affected by Cerebral Palsy (6 males, 7 females; age: 14.8 [+ or -] 6.2 years); in particular, 6 patients were hemiplegics, 4 tetraplegics and 2 diplegics.
Prediction of rehabilitation outcomes from psychometric parameters in left hemiplegics. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 34,436-441.
Right-side amps, right-side hemiplegics, and others with injuries to the right leg are often prescribed a full set of hand controls.