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Then there are also the Hemimorphite earring beads featuring delicate veins and flecks of Aqua and are available in a simplistic rectangular flat cut which can be molded and wired in numerous ways to create truly arty earrings.
Chrysocolla pseudomorphs of botryoidal malachite (to 4 mm) with hemimorphite have also been found in float.
Rarely, small pyromorphite crystals are seen embedded in crusts of blue botryoidal hemimorphite and very rarely pyromorphite is found associated with small rounded mottramite crystals.
He is particularly associated with the world-renowned pyromorphite, mimetite, hemimorphite, and linarite from Caldbeck, and also did a good trade in rare lead minerals from Leadhills and Wanlockhead in Scotland.
Minute yellowish brown hemimorphite overgrowths viewed at 800X magnification have been found on sphalerite in a vesicle containing calcite and pumpellyite.
Smithsonite with Hemimorphite The San Antonio Mine Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua, Mexico, 3" tall ex-collection Irv Brown
It was ultimately agreed, in order to avoid confusion, that the name "calamine" should be done away with entirely and replaced with smithsonite for the zinc carbonate and hemimorphite for the zinc silicate.
According to the Gobins, however, nice wulfenite, cerussite, calcite, hemimorphite, linarite and gypsum specimens have been trickling out of several mostly inactive mines in central Iran for the last three years, and in Munich a number of these appeared in good-if-not-great examples which, of course, offer promise for the future.