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a plant that is an epiphyte for part of its life

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The structure and diversity of the liana and hemiepiphyte community were examined in the lowland forest of the Estacion Biologica Paujil at the Parque Nacional Yanachaga-Chemillen and the Comunidad Nativa Yanesha Buenos Aires in the Oxapampa province of Pasco--Peru.
The epiphytes were classified according to the phorophyte, using the categories proposed by Benzing (1990): habitual holoepiphytes (mostly present in the epiphytic habitat), facultative (occurring in the epiphytic habitat as well as terrestrial plants), accidental (preferentially terrestrial) and secondary hemiepiphytes (germinates on/in soil but after contact with the phorophyte the basal part with radicular/ caulinar portions degenerates).
5 [per thousand], differed significantly from both epiphyte and hemiepiphyte [Delta]D (tree vs.
While hemiepiphytes and facultative epiphytes occupy lower strata, holoepiphytes prefer intermediate and upper strata.
HLC 43154 (HL = holoepiphyte, HM = hemiepiphyte, O = obligatory, P = preferential, F = facultative, A = accidental, P = primary, S = secondary) TABLE 2 Epiphyte specie richness in Brazilian studies Location/Reference # of Species Ilha do Mel, Paranagua, PR, 25[grados]30'S, 48[grados]23'W this study 103 Ilha do Mel, Paranagua, PR, 25[grados]30'S, 48[grados]23'W Kersten and Silva 2001 77 Macae de Cima, RJ, 22[grados]23'S, 42[grados] 47'W Fontoura et al.
Field TS, Lawton RO, Dawson TE (1996) Comparative nutrient relations in canopy-rooted and ground-rooted Didymopanax pittieri hemiepiphytes in a windexposed tropical montane forest.
Growth habits, host tree species and density of hemiepiphytes on Barro Colorado Island, Panama.
The genus Vaccinium of the family Ericaceae includes about 450 species of trees, shrubs, subshrubs, and hemiepiphytes that are mainly distributed in the tropics of the Old World, Malaysia, and Southeast Asia (Luteyn 2002, Vander Kloet & Dickinson 2009, Vander Kloet & Avery, 2010).
It includes free-standing trees and shrubs, hemiepiphytes, epiphytes, and lianas.
Hemiepiphytes and epiphytes are nonhyperaccumulating (e.
The second and largest section examines canopy organisms from tropical arthropods to lizards, birds, mammals, epiphytes, and hemiepiphytes.
Lianas, like epiphytes and hemiepiphytes, are mechanical parasites, dependent upon trees to provide support as lianas grow from the forest floor to better lit areas in the forest canopy.
Additional details of this interaction, and implications of possible seed predation on hemiepiphytes by ants in the canopy are examined further in a separate paper (Laman, in press b).