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Synonyms for hemidemisemiquaver

a musical note having the time value of a sixty-fourth of a whole note

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This atomistic view of light is then abruptly confronted with a consideration of music, which also can be thought of atomistically: And the large pieces of music are composed Of somewhat smaller pieces, movements, say, And then they of subaltern passages, phrases, Clusters, measures, two by two into the ark That is a covenant with shapely silence, Down to the final hemidemisemiquaver. Yet even larger pieces, opera plural of opus, Omnia Opera, as they were wont to say in olden yore, When nobody knew when it was nine o'clock....
Also in the Nov 2002 Kickshaws, I discussed the word HEMIDEMISEMIQUAVER and commented that "What Borgmann didn't notice [about the word] is that the shared letters EMI have a musical significance in themselves: E is the musical note, and MI is the musical syllable for E." To this, Max writes, "True enough, but what you didn't notice is that EMI is the largest music publishing company in the world, with rights to over a million songs and ownership of hundreds of record labels.
The word HEMIDEMISEMIQUAVER is the musical term for a 64th note.
It took a lot of analytical work to read everything and calculate it--it is all hemidemisemiquavers (sixty-fourths) and even semihemidemisemiquavers (one-hundred-and-twenty-eighths).
The few pieces with hemidemisemiquavers that appear in the latter source are assumed here to be vehicles for a truly exceptionally dexterous player such as John Bull or the one that Mersenne encountered, and are ignored.