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the presence of blood in the urine

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John Kenneth Domingo, in an interview on Radyo Klinika at DWIZ 882 AM said that hematuria may or may not cause pain.
Arthur et al first reported the link between BK viruria and hemorrhagic cystitis, noting that BK viruria frequently preceded the onset of hematuria. (3) HC was noted be four times more likely in patients whose urine tested positive for BKV than those who did not.
They were segregated into two groups, one group was having significant hematuria and other group was having minimal hematuria after applying inclusion and exclusion criteria.
A detailed history should be taken in patients presenting with hematuria. Tobacco and anticoagulant drug use should be questioned.
And a high index of suspicion is also essential for postpartum women with abdominal pain, abdominal distension, dysuria or hematuria. Lastly, laparoscopic exploration can be employed early to identify and remove causes for suspected postpartum SRUB, which can reduce incidence of fatal complications and give the best possible outcomes.
La evolucion fue torpida, inicialmente con hematuria leve que progreso a masiva con inestabilidad hemodinamica y mayor requerimiento de noradrenalina hasta 2,0 mcg/kg/min.
Many studies have investigated the features and differences of DN and NDRD, most of which sought to identify the influence of some risk factors for DN or NDRD, such as diabetic retinopathy (DR), course of DM, and hematuria.[5],[6],[7] On the other hand, with the developments in society and health care, the number of elderly patients and the incidence of renal biopsies are increasing annually,[8] prolonging the course of some chronic diseases, and changing the spectrum of the pathological patterns of CKD.
Herein, we report a pediatric case who presented with gross hematuria, hypertension, polycythemia and ipsilateral
The most common side effects were dysuria (41.6%), chills (31.5%), hematuria (30.3%), high fever (29.2%), cystitis (24.7%), and malaise (23.6%).
Based on history, VH can sometimes be classified into initial, total and terminal hematuria. Initial hematuria is described for visible blood/bloodstained urine reported by the patient that is seen at the start of urine flow ("blood right at the start of the urine flow and then clear urine afterward").
Here we present the case of an 11-year-old female patient diagnosed as AT with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) who developed clinically significant persistent hematuria due to bladder wall telangiectasias.
We report a case of a man who developed gross hematuria and unexplained acute kidney injury following the resumption of dabigatran after 6 weeks of prior therapy.
cylindruria, crystalluria, urolithiasis, hematuria, hemoglobinuria, pyuria, bacteriuria and neoplasia (Table 1).