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pertaining to the formation of blood or blood cells

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Rare spontaneous parietal endometriosis occurring around the umbilicus has been reported in scarless abdominal wall by presumed hematogenic or lymphogenic spread of endometriosis cells from the abdomen (1, 5, 32).
The bacteria may also spread through lymphatic and hematogenic pathways to involve extrapulmonary tissues such as the gastrointestinal system, genitourinary system, cardiovascular system, skin, central nervous system, and eye.
In addition, it has been shown to have neuronal cytotoxicity and apoptosis-inducing activity in hematogenic, ectodermal, mesenchymal, and neuronal cells [12-15].
Yoshikawa et al., "Effect of cordycepin (3'-deoxyadenosine) on hematogenic lung metastatic model mice," In Vivo, vol.
The metastases are lymphatic or hematogenic, with regional lymph nodes being the most frequent sites, followed by the lungs and bones.
During a day after cryodamage number of hematogenic cells increased.
The spread beyond the lymph nodes, to bones and other secondary organs, is hematogenic. The location of distant metastases may be determined by a combination of the circulatory patterns, the properties of the seeding cells, and the microenvironment in the secondary organ.
Exclusion criteria are the intolerance to HIFU treatment; radiotherapy or chemotherapy administered in the last 3 months; life expectancy <3 months; the tumor invading the duodenal wall; unstable hematogenic parameters; severe and active infection; and the patient having jaundice owing to biliary obstruction.
Furthermore, to examine whether elastin fibers are present in papillary adenocarcinoma tumor of the lung, metastases of pulmonary papillary adenocarcinomas that were hematogenic to the brain and skull (n = 2, respectively) and to the regional lymph nodes (n = 4) were stained with elastin (Figure 2, H).
Metastatic spread is almost exclusively hematogenic. In our patient, lung metastasis was seen 1 year after surgery, and radiofrequency ablation was performed on one of the metastatic lung tumors.