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the formation of blood cells in the living body (especially in the bone marrow)

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Our data indicated that DGBX could attenuate IFNy production by interfering in SLAM/SAP signaling and production and distribution of T-bet in T cells, exert immunosuppressive effects by modulating the activation of the Stat/JAK/IRF-1 pathway, restrain cell apoptosis by intervening in Fasdependent pathway, and eventually attenuate immunemediated destruction of HSCs, repair hematopoietic failure, and recover the hematopoietic function of HSCs in hematogenesis for AA therapy.
It could also work in promoting hematogenesis in children and pregnant women because Apostichopus japonicus is an alkaline food that has no clear analog among animal foods and contains many inorganic components.
As for the morphological examinations, an all-inclusive indicator that gave us an overview of the bone marrow hematogenesis, the beneficial influence of [H.sub.2] was detected merely in the 1 Gy and 2 Gy dose group.
The hematological examination (Table 2) showed that the WBC values were significantly increased in both the male and female rats of the 750 and 3000 mg/kg/day PM014 treatment groups; however, there was no inflammatory response or increase in hematogenesis related to the observed increase in WBC values upon histopathological exam.
In our study, the main adverse reaction thrombocytopenia was reversible, in agreement with previous study.16 However, the incidence of throm- bocytopenia was 48%, higher than what reported previously.17-19 The possible reason was that the selected patients in our study were the elderly, and the hematogenesis function of the elderly might be lower than in younger patients.