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accumulation of menstrual blood in the vagina (usually due to an imperforate hymen)

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Long-term consequences of genital involvement are labial agglutination, introital stenosis, vaginal synechiae and stenosis, vaginal and vulval adenosis, hematocolpos, and hematometra.
7) Graham-Brown et al, (10) reported another case who developed hematocolpos due to complete vaginal stenosis following SJS in pregnancy.
All physicians should be aware of this entity in differential diagnosis of hematocolpos, abdominal pain and primary amenorrhea in early adolescent years.
We there proposed a subdivision for the mesonephric anomalies presenting with: (a) Large hematocolpos in a blind hemivagina (Wunderlich syndrome); (b) Gartner's pseudocyst in the anterolateral wall of the permeable vagina (frequently as a Herlyn–Werner syndrome); (c) partial reabsorption of the intervaginal septum; and (d) complete unilateral vaginal or cervico-vaginal agenesis with or without communication between both hemiuteri.
Se le realiza tomografia axial computarizada (TAC) en la que se observa hematocolpos, ademas se muestra la presencia de rinon unico izquierdo como hallazgo (Figura 1 y 2).
If diagnosis is delayed, the mucus usually resorbs and the child remains asymptomatic until menarche, when she presents with a bulging hymen and a large hematocolpos, as in the opening case.
Cases of damage to the vaginal walls leading to total occlusion of the vaginal introitus and hence hematocolpos have also been reported.
The case is normally diagnosed following an episode of postmenarche pelvic pain secondary to hematocolpos.
5 cm was taken over the left bulge and approximately 200 ml chocolate colored fluid was drained suggestive of hematocolpos.
Hematocolpos may occur only a few months after menarche.
7] As an obstructing vaginal malformation, this condition precludes the outflow of menstruation, resulting in hematocolpos, hematometra, and hematosalpinx.
The role of MRI in congenital cystic lesions in the pelvis: a case of uterus didelphys with double vagina, hematocolpos, and ipsilateral renal agenesis .
Certain types of the variations can increase morbidity, such as in patients with obstructed or partially obstructed mullerian systems, who present with hematosalphinx, hematocolpos, retrograde menses and endometriosis.
There may be associated complications of transvaginal septum which causes obstructions and hematocolpos and there is increased risk of endometriosis if there is obstruction due to retrograde menstrual flow.
Two cases of primary amenorrhoea presented with cyclic abdomen pain, retention of urine and hematocolpos (imperforate hymen) and were treated with cruciate incision of hymen.