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passage of stools containing blood (as from diverticulosis or colon cancer or peptic ulcer)

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Changes in bowel habits and hematochezia are more frequent in left colon and rectal cancers.
Mice in the control group had low DAI score and were in good mental and activity state with normal feces during the process, whereas mice in the colitis group had drooped spirit, reduced activity, hematochezia, and a rather high DAI score (p<0.01).
(7) reported differently on a 30-month-old case who presented with acute massive hematochezia. A clinical study in 73 children showed that younger patients especially presented with vomiting, older patients mostly presented with pain which was similar to our study (2).
(2000) also reported anorexia, ruffled feathers, diarrhea, hematochezia, dehydration and death of infected birds.
While being evaluated in the emergency department she had an episode of large volume hematochezia. Upon arrival her blood pressure was 90/50 (mmHg) and heart rate was 80 (bpm) and blood pressure did not change significantly after standing.
He denied fever, rash, chest pain, loss of consciousness, headache, abdominal pain, hematemesis, melena, and hematochezia. His medical history was significant for peptic ulcer disease (diagnosed and treated at age 8).
She previously presented to an outside hospital with hematochezia, 30-lb unintentional weight loss, and progressive pelvic pain of 4 months' duration.
During later stages, they can already have bleeding in the stools (hematochezia) and anemia, leading to easy fatigability, shortness of breath, and weight loss.
Thereafter, the patient presented another episode of hematemesis together with hematochezia. Against maintained arterial hypotension, despite intensive fluid therapy, jugular vein access was obtained with associated noradrenaline perfusion in the doses of up to 18 mL/h, which recovered the blood pressure and the patient was stabilized.
He also complained of an episode of hematochezia during this period.
In most patients, it is presented as melena, hematemesis, and hematochezia, and it accounts for 1-5.8% cases of acute upper GI bleeding [2].
He denied nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, melena, hematochezia, and rectal manipulation.
In line with our previous findings, colorectal DCA instillation caused much more severe inflammation and injury than DSS treatment alone (Figures 4(a)-4(f)), whereas inhibition of cathepsin B potently decreased the colonic mature IL-1[beta] level and significantly restrained the aggravating role of DCA in the DSS-induced colitis, as evidenced by much less body weight loss and colon length shortening as well as lower MPO activity and hematochezia score compared to the DCA enema group (Figures 4(a)-4(f)).
In addition, patients were contacted individually and asked about the occurrence of abdominal pain necessitating clinic and/or hospital visit and where a diagnosis of "diverticula-related problem" was suggested and antibiotics prescribed, or the occurrence of significant hematochezia requiring emergency room visit or hospital admission.