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swelling caused by blood collecting in a body cavity (especially a swelling of the membrane covering the testis)

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Acute epididymitis * Epididymo-orchitis * Hydrocele * Hematocele * Scrotal hematoma * Trauma to inguinoscrotal region
Under sonography, an extrauterine gestational sac might look like a complex mass very similar to other, more common pelvic masses, such as hemorrhagic corpus luteum cysts, pelvic hematoceles, tubo-ovarian abscesses or remains from pelvic inflammatory disease.
Two cases were diagnosed as hydrocele and hematocele postoperatively, which were false positively diagnosed as epididymal cysts.
The left epididymis appeared enlarged, thickened, and heterogeneous in echotexture with an associated small hematocele (Fig.
Common pediatric scrotal diseases seen in the ED include testicular torsion, testicular appendage torsion, epididymitis, orchitis, hernia, hematocele and abscess.
En un 33% de los pacientes se encuentra un hematocele asociado (figura 16).
On the basis of clinical examination and USG scrotum finding he was taken up for exploratory surgery of the left side scrotum with a differential diagnosis of hematocele of left side of scrotum.
We describe the peculiar case of an idiopathic hematocele, which was mistaken for a testicular cancer, prompting surgical excision.
Intraoperatively, there were signs of significant periorchitis with adhesions of the testicle to the scrotal wall and a hematocele.