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a medicine that increases the hemoglobin content of the blood

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vulgaris extract and phenylhydrazine in rats aiming at giving scientific evidence for the possible hematinic action of the extract.
Prevalence and outcomes of Anemia and hematinic deficiencies in patients with chronic heart failure.
The disease can be treated with use of Long acting Oxytetracycline or Imidocarb along with hematinics and other supportive therapy.
The bone marrow is the major site of hemopoiesis in adult humans.[2] Hematinic drugs stimulate the erythropoietin to produce more blood cells during anemia and this has been demonstrated in medicinal plants.[3] Herbal drugs or medicinal plants have developed a wide spectrum of biological activities.[3]
Liu et al., "The hematinic effect of Colla corii asini (Ejiao) using 1H-NMR metabolomics coupled with correlation analysis in APH-induced anemic rats," RSC Advances, vol.
In view of PNH, Prednisolone (40 mg daily) was administered along with hematinic support.
Patients with the following conditions were excluded from this study: Receiving allogeneic blood transfusion during surgery; history of rheumatism; iron deficiency; hematinic deficiency; polycythemia; ankylosing spondylitis.
Most of the patients suffered from mild anemia (grade 1 with Hb 8.0-9.4 g/dL; 55.9%), which were successfully treated by hematinic drugs, e.g., ferrous supplement (FBC [R]) one tablet 3 times daily and folic acid 5 mg daily.
Conclusions: Patients with recurrent aphthous ulcers had more hematinic deficiencies, particularly of vitamin B12 as compared to controls.
The UK National External Quality Assessment Service (NEQAS) [3] for Hematinic Assays has observed a lack of agreement in the measurement of folates in the past 15 years.
The appearance of the bottle and the presence of iron in the recovered material raised the notion that the original contents may have been an iron tonic, or "hematinic" (blood builder).
The other drugs reviewed that also had no new safety concerns were anti-neoplastic agent Camptosar (irinotecan), antineoplastic agent Paraplatin (carboplatin), platelet-reducing agent Agrylin (anagrelide), and hematinic agent Ferrlecit (sodium ferric gluconate complex).
The other drugs reviewed that also had no new safety concerns were antineoplastic agent irinotecan (Camptosar), antineoplastic agent carboplatin (Paraplatin), platelet-reducing agent anagrelide (Agrylin), and hematinic agent sodium ferric gluconate complex (Ferrclecit).