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Synonyms for hematic

relating to or containing or affecting blood

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Changes of pH provoke numerous hematic and urinary modifications (Coppo 2001).
0005" BOF 611 PC 85 Homag Optimal Hematic [+ or -] 0.
This classification can be made ours to see: 1) with relationship to your format, 2) with relationship to the arrangement of your maternal fetal relationship areas, 3) with relationship to the arrangements of the fetal membranes, 4) with relationship to the aspect of the inter hematic membrane, in other words, the invasive capacity of the trophoblastc, associated the destruction of the maternal tissue.
One may regard the development from differentiation ("he") to identification ("you and I") as being of t hematic importance for the growth of their mutual love, and common struggle forms one of the major themes of the novel.
222) and thus hints that he thinks of the effects of meter as physiological, corporeal, specifically hematic.
The drug, which has been prescribed for years in Europe and was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration, seems a reasonable choice for patients who cannot tolerate carbamazepine, or who are precluded from taing it because of liver or hematic problems.
Hematic cytometry showed thrombocytopenia of 134 x [10.
Shandong Luoxin Pharma also offers anti-tumor medicines, anti-viral drugs, gynecology medicines for external application, vitamin and hormone tablets, antipyretic and analgesic drugs, anti-tuberculosis drugs, nutritional medicines, as well as tablets and injectable medicines for the hematic and hematopoietic systems.