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benign angioma consisting of a mass of blood vessels

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Mannschreck, BSN, of Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, and colleagues performed a retrospective chart review of 559 patients with infantile hemangioma seen in the dermatology clinic at Johns Hopkins between December 2008 and January 2018.
In cases or locations where hemangioma specialists are in short supply, telemedicine triage or photographic consultation is especially helpful.
It was subsequently reported as lobular hemangioma. In the first postoperative day, the nasal pack was removed, and the patient was kept under observation for a few days before being discharged home.
Keywords: Infantile hepatic hemangioma, IHH, benign tumour, diffuse type.
The case was then discussed in the Sarcoma Multidisciplinary Board, and the diagnosis of giant pedunculated liver hemangioma was suspected, and later confirmed.
There are only 19 documented cases worldwide for giant hepatic hemangioma and the case my team has successfully treated was the largest among them, which makes it a reference case worldwide.
Sclerosing hemangioma (histiocytoma, xanthoma) of the lung.
The misdiagnosis of infantile choriocarcinoma for infantile hemangioma has occurred as described in a 2014 case report by Brooks and Nolting4 also with a solitary cutaneous metastasis to the face.
Among benign lesions, Dermoid cyst,Capillary Hemangioma, Epidermoid Inclusion cyst, Squamous cell Papilloma , Pterygium Sebaceous Cyst, Simple cyst were most common lesions comprising of 28 (10%), 11 (4%), 8 (3%), 8 (3%), 7 (2.5%), 5 (2%), 5 (2%) respectively.
Cardiac hemangioma, a vascular tumor of the heart, accounts for 5% of these benign cardiac tumors (2-4).
Herein, we aim to present our experience with difficult airway management in a pediatric case with hemangioma originating from the tongue base, blocking the airway by settling in the oral cavity, and complicating endotracheal intubation.
Capillary hemangioma (CH) is a benign vascular proliferation comprising small, capillary-sized blood vessels, usually occurring in the skin and soft tissue of children, but seldom occurs in the elderly.