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Synonyms for hem

hem something or someone in: surround

hem something or someone in: restrict

Synonyms for hem

Synonyms for hem

the edge of a piece of cloth

the utterance of a sound similar to clearing the throat


fold over and sew together to provide with a hem

utter 'hem' or 'ahem'

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TAKE some of the fear out of showing off your legs with this coral dipped hem top, pounds 12.
NB: Hem is a composite character, and she has the qualifies of many a Bengali girl from a poor family--feisty, subversive, and determined.
For the HEM and HEM/CEL selection criteria, the groups of plants were not consistently divergent in both years.
The HEM would like to salute the donations organized by President Julie Vick and the Dixie Crow membership.
HEM products can be viewed in five groups, or segments, along a continuum that moves from paper bills (a mailed statement from the utility showing a customer's energy usage as it compares to households nearby), through standalone HEM systems, which include some device-level tracking and automated device control capabilities, up to networked HEM, comprising auto-pricing response capabilities, demand response (DR) load control, and home automation controls.
Reportedly, repurchased shares will reduce Com Hem Holding's share capital by shares being cancelled, after a sufficient number of shares have been saved to be used under Com Hem's LTIP programmes.
Com Hem Holding AB (STO: COMH) announced on Tuesday the resolution by its board of directors to initiate an additional share buyback programme for a total amount of up to SEK230m until 16 October 2017.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-November 7, 2016-Com Hem announces conditional redemption of 2014 senior notes
Contract notice: Purchase of pipes black with hem and without hem, bends with hem and bends without hem for PU Thermal Power Plants, REK Bitola.
A well-sewn hem is just as important as using the appropriate seam finish for your fabric type and garment style.
The meeting presented an opportunity to accomplish important business for the Association, meet with board members of the Chesapeake Bay Roost, and tour the HEM displays that include the Electronic Warfare Gallery.
The Global Home Energy Management Systems Products Market Home Energy Management Technology Computer-Aided HEM In-Home Energy Displays Demand Side Management Demand Response and Dynamic Pricing Home Area Networks Integrated Communications Products Communications Technology PLC technologies X-10 Communications ZigBee Demand Side Management Trends Load Management Trends Asia DR and HEMS Trends Figure 1-1 Percent of Households with HEMS Products Installed Europe's HEMS Market The North American HEMS Market Figure 1-2 Estimated Annual Electricity Cost Savings per U.
Com Hem Holding AB (STO:COMH) announced on Tuesday the resolution by its board of directors to initiate a share buyback programme for a total amount of up to SEK140m until 22 March 2017.