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We now know that the earlier an HIV positive person goes for treatment, the more their chances of living longer," added by Helve Nsanzabande.
My father sighed and ran his right hand down the shiny ax helve.
I do helve sympathy with financial institutions that said 'hang on, this will cause problems', but I also understand the International Accounting Standards Board's response when it pointed out that the proposal had been around for ages so they should have spotted it earlier.
Later, McCarthy (1976:55) suggested that they are monolithic axes or hatchets, with head and helve made from a single piece of stone.
In questa apparente considerazione di "ibridismo ideale" (il principe deve acquistare animalita) Machiavelli lascia poi intravedere quell'ibridismo naturale che e in realta gia insito in tutti gli uomini, e che rimanda a un universo tutto materiale in cui gli interscambi tra alto e basso, helve e umani, virtu e corruzione, prosperita e decadenza, non sono che aspetti temporanei di un incessante rivolgersi di flussi, corpi, eventi.
In Iraq, where Arab Sunnis helve traditionally dominated government, a Kurdish minority (15-20 percent) is situated in the northwest; an Arab Shi'ah majority (55-60 percent) in the south, and an Arab Sunni minority (15-20 percent) in the center.
She was a solo developer of Macintosh software and is the designer of the well-known freeware font Helve Programmers.
They helve their normal obligations, but at the same time they have to cope with the increasing volume of postal voting.
In the early part of the 1800s, production at the forge remained spasmodic due to either a lack of puddling iron, lack of orders or natural disasters such as a great flood and the breaking of a helve, as extracts from entries in the pocket book of James Folkes showed.
The helve, or shaft, which is sickle-like in curve and cross-section, not only enables hammering around the bend but also adds anti-shock performance.
Why not helve these words with Our Saviour this Good Friday, before joining him in the joy of Easter?
We would like to thank archaeologist Eero Heinloo (AEG NPO) for showing us the finds from his excavations at New Parnu, Herki Helves (Museum of Viljandi) for his help in photography of the finds, and Kristiina Zadin (Tartu City Museum) for her help with figure 7.