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a helpful partner

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Only by relearning to see armed conflict as a morally charged strategy, with lawyers as minor helpmeets, can we even begin to hope to find peace.
Maggie and Martha, Alice and Rosie were helpmeets in the
Having "seen the Holy Spirit poured out in marvelous power upon the Indian Christian church," Abrams was certain that the evangelization of India would proceed primarily through native converts in partnership with Western pentecostals, who could serve as helpmeets to their "yokefellows" through both intercessory prayer and physical presence.
In the first, women are helpmeets and warriors, whereas in the second, the same women's roles are diminished.
But they also wanted gentlemanly, moral husbands who would value them as companions as well as helpmeets, lust like their bachelor counterparts, these women seldom itemized a man's physical appearance.
49) The "gendered verbal order" stemmed from traditional ideas about men and women, about social order and hierarchy, with men as patriarchs and women as docile helpmeets.
As women's roles degenerate from pre-Christian, pre-Islamic traditional Igbo egalitarian roles to those of sexual and servile helpmeets, the women preferred by dominated men are no longer the assertive, bare-breasted women who resist seduction and defy domination, but women who willingly barter sex of the most humiliating kind for enough coins to buy their children food.
It's a dirty little secret of nursing: those handmaidens and helpmeets who take a subordinate role to the great Medical Deity are the ones directing your care.
That Perseus also thinks of "his dear mother" when he spots from the air "the island of Seriphus" renders this moment even more illuminating, for it conjoins domesticity, science, and visionary splendor as helpmeets in the youth's heroic quest, which, imprinted in Hawthorne's text, represents imaginative enterprise (29).
The numerous humanitarian nonprofits in Afghanistan are no longer backed up by the military; it is they who are backing the armed forces, having morphed into helpmeets to a counterinsurgency campaign.
At a time when women were expected to be domestic helpmeets, angels in the house, Fortune freely admitted in her autobiographical journalism to being self-supporting, without the benefit of spouse.
Women, representing the church, are encouragers, "completers," and helpmeets, bound to transform the culture by example and to sacrifice in God's honor.
They were to be 'paragons of virtue and industry, retiring helpmeets to their husbands and matriarchs of a model family .
47) In most Westerns, women were generally helpmeets or prostitutes in background roles.
George is the active subject, the women the helpless or the helpmeets.