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a helpful partner

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Remember when I went all out for her birthday and surprised my helpmeet with a pair of safety shoes to wear in the kitchen when she is making biscuits?
In her Clym sees a perfect helpmeet for a schoolmaster, but she sees in him only a chance to escape the heath and to live abroad.
Happily, she has a very important helpmeet to assist her in the difficult processno less than the Big G Himself (hence the series' title)
Thomas Aquinas, the 13th-century Christian theologian, said that woman was "created to be man's helpmeet, but her unique role is in conception .
While he welcomed the arrival of America as a potential Great Power and imperial helpmeet, he wanted Americans to know the great weight of this burden, in words which likewise should have been read out in Congress before the invasion of Iraq:
From a feminist perspective, the play is both disappointing and interesting--disappointing, obviously, because its now tired and threadbare message is that a woman finds her highest purpose in becoming a helpmeet to a good man.
This presents a view of a wife as helpmeet while at the same time indicates that equality was not necessarily present at birth but was something that could be acquired at a later stage.
She belonged to another pious Baptist family and was to prove a true helpmeet to him, and more, in quite unexpected ways.
This bone-and-muscle bonanza is made possible through the fore-throught and efforts of the helpmeet, who positions the recliner chair, the ottoman and the shoeshine kit so as to enable hubby to hang the star atop the Christmas tree.
Eastwood's main helpmeet in limning his film's instructively conflicted portrait of its hero is his lead actor, Bradley Cooper, who gained an additional 40 lbs to look more like Kyle.
One movement of Rosie Cotton fan fiction is showing this appreciation through stories exploring the skill, patience, and wisdom of Rosie the healer and helpmeet.
His wife had to become a helpmeet in recovery if the couple aspired to postwar companionate marriage.
The commissions we received hang side by side over my desk, symbols of a traditional missionary partnership in which each felt the other an indispensable helpmeet.
Elizabeth Hardwick, on the other hand, who had a much longer tenure as Lowell's next helpmeet, pooh-poohed the typing issue in a 1979 interview: "[I]t was a privi lege to be overshadowed.
Rather, it considers under the rubric of Eve archetypes of female nature and potential--tempted and temptress, seeker after forbidden knowledge, helpmeet and mother--as they appear in the Old and New Testaments, the Apocrypha and the Hebrew popular and rabbinical literature, as well as in Sumerian, Greek, Roman and Patristic sources, literary, theological, medical and political.