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a helpful partner

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Miller calls Ellen the "scholar's helpmeet," and in doing so, accurately expresses Wilson's intense dependence upon the support of women.
Sarah is not only the quiet helpmeet who modestly remains in the kitchen, preparing a meal for Abraham and his three mysterious guests.
32) Implicitly in agreement with Kavanagh, he describes the proper role of the feminine as one of inspirational helpmeet, silent midwife of his poetic genius.
I spent most of my childhood dreaming about the world I would someday create with an opposite-sex helpmeet.
A worthy activity, a worthy helpmeet, and an endeavor you should become involved in.
Embracing the role of helpmeet, Katie worked as Walter's research assistant, editor, and ghost writer, in addition to creating a home for their growing family and working part-time jobs to supplement their income while Walter taught and completed his education.
26) For Keats, however, the swan is not the helpmeet to the aspiring immortal poet, but his natural double: "Just like that bird am I in loss of time, / Whene'er I venture on the stream of rhyme" (15-16).
As I was lying in bed this morning waiting for the great adventure of life to begin another day, I realised that apart from two dogs, a cat, the ancient Mither, wee Bearn, Helpmeet and the mewling Nipper, I haven't talked with another soul for three weeks (I exclude anyone I encounter TO THE HIS LESS SHARP THE in trade).
7) However, the concept of helpmeet is often used as an argument for male dominance.
history, mostly as the sterling wife and helpmeet of John Adams, second president of the United States.
it needs an Over-against [ein Gegenuber : the Hebrew Bible, which Celan knew well, has k'negdo , Adam's helpmeet "over against" him].
And Kreuger himself was in his most vital operations an agent and helpmeet of the state.
His helpmeet, who was actually to blame for most of my wife's personality malformations, felt only disdain for all forms of human weakness.
The Idylls seem to warn that undomesticated man risks incurring the fate of the angry Geraint, veering in the wilderness between mindless violence and rationality, without the benefit of a civilizing helpmeet.
03/12/2008: Tata appealed for investment from the Indian public to helpmeet the cost of buying JLR.