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a helpful partner

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Now, the fact was, that the unfortunate locksmith, blessing his stars to find his helpmate in such good humour, had been sitting with a beaming face, hearing this discourse with a joy past all expression.
Bumble relaxed his pace, and turned his head as if to make sure that his helpmate was following; then, discovering that she was close at his heels, he mended his rate of walking, and proceeded, at a considerable increase of speed, towards their place of destination.
Women are the instruments of my pleasure; I have no patience with their claim to be helpmates, partners, companions.
The bridesmaids, down to little Jane Gradgrind, were, in an intellectual point of view, fit helpmates for the calculating boy; and there was no nonsense about any of the company.
We have been attending industry trade shows since December 1995 where we have demonstrated the HelpMate robot, our flagship product, and discussed its labor- and cost-saving features and proven on-time courier service," said Joseph F.
Rental revenues for the Company's flagship product, its Helpmate Robot unit, increased by $67,717 or 28.
In the book, the Jester awakens one morning to discover that the world has lost its laughter, and sets off on a quest, with Pharley, his helpmate, to discover where laughter might be hiding.
Joining Cardinal Health's family of companies gives HelpMate a tremendous opportunity to broaden our influence in health care and bring greater efficiency to hospitals and other health-care providers at a time when many departments are experiencing labor shortages," Engelberger said.
The Company's flagship product, HelpMate, is an intelligent, self-navigating, battery-powered robot that can travel throughout a facility without fixed tracks or guide wires.
Last year was a year of positive change for HRI from its initial public offering at the beginning of the year to the achievement of our goals to hire and train a sale force and increase the visibility of the Helpmate Robotic Courier to prospective clients.
NASDAQ:HELPU, HELP, HELPW; PSE: HLP) reported today that for the month of February, it received a total of 11 orders for its Helpmate Robotic courier which is 45% above its average monthly volume of six.
They include Joan Collins as Dynasty's evil Alexis Carrington, Emmerdale's murdering adultress Kim Tate, Basil's harridan helpmate Sybil Fawlty, Kermit's nemesis Miss Piggy and riding high on both sides of the Atlantic, the withering quiz mistress from hell, Anne Robinson.
Under the terms of the Contract, HelpMate Robotics Inc.
Shareholders are expected to approve the change of the Company's corporate name from HelpMate Robotics, Inc.
The increase in sales revenues was attributable to an increase in sales of robotic components to universities and researchers around the world coupled with the sale of one HelpMate compared to the quarter ended March 31, 1996 where no HelpMates were sold.