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a helpful partner

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She remained nearly always in her second-floor chamber, shivering in her chair, or stretched languid and feeble on her bed, while her husband kept his daily watch at the door -- a duty he performed with so much the greater willingness, as it saved him the necessity of listening to the endless plaints and murmurs of his helpmate, who never saw him without breaking out into bitter invectives against fate; to all of which her husband would calmly return an unvarying reply, in these philosophic words: --
It was better, if he could, to have his helpmate inside the house.
The bridesmaids, down to little Jane Gradgrind, were, in an intellectual point of view, fit helpmates for the calculating boy; and there was no nonsense about any of the company.
Women are the instruments of my pleasure; I have no patience with their claim to be helpmates, partners, companions.
Nappy days are here again NICOLE SCHERZINGER HAS THE OVERS IN SOUTH AFRICA She's nabbed the hottest climate and the hottest helpmate, Stormzy.
Because I'm in my 70s, I decided to train Shadow to be a helpmate to me.
Calcium's helpmate for absorption into the body is vitamin D.
The Computer Programmer--A Helpmate to the Records Manager," by Phyllis Lorek
2 May 2016 - US-based church management software provider ACS Technologies has acquired Kentucky-based church software solutions provider Helpmate Technology Solutions, including its Church Helpmate solution, which is desktop church management software with more than 2,000 users across the country, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 2, 2016-ACS Technologies Acquires Church Software Specialist Helpmate
Almost miraculously, Goudy completed these tasks in just sixteen working days, and he imagined the perfect association to make with his efforts: "As I worked, the idea came to me that I might dedicate this 'one hundredth type' to my beloved helpmate, Bertha M.
Honda created ASIMO to help people and society, to create a helpmate for humans requiring assistance with their daily lives.
But the helpmate is the component of the nymph symbolic most often featured in Fontaine, with the star often attempting her lover's moral rehabilitation by redirecting him from criminality (Suspicion, Kiss the Blood from My Hands), bitter disillusionment {This Above All), or cynicism {The Constant Nymph, Letter from an Unknown Woman).
She was a member of Eastern Star and the PEO sisterhood and an active helpmate in her husbands' pastorates in New Hampshire, North and South Dakota, and Paxton and Oakham, Massachusetts.
When Willy's father contracts the dread disease, Willy, their African helpmate John, and two Warrahoon Indians labor to carry the sick man through jungle and mountains.