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Synonyms for helplessness

Synonyms for helplessness

the condition or state of being incapable of accomplishing or effecting anything

Synonyms for helplessness

powerlessness revealed by an inability to act

the state of needing help from something

a feeling of being unable to manage

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Learned helplessness has a direct impact on airline business as air travel becomes a joyless affair and passengers interpret ancillary selling as "nickel and diming.
The learned helplessness of drug abusers also deserves researchers' attention.
However, CM Malik declared his helplessness himself: "These Baloch who have gone missing are our kith and kin.
25 per cent had experienced depression or feelings of helplessness for periods of two weeks or more, the report mentioned.
He may not have got the Nobel Peace Prize, but he certainly has the dubious distinction of being the only leader of a government, that too of a nation where the Prime Minister's Office is vested with powers that few executives have accumulated for themselves, to make helplessness a virtue -- and a defence mechanism to keep up his act of being squeaky clean.
After the instruction/no instruction phase, all participants completed a learned helplessness preparation prior to a pencil-and-paper maze task.
Historically, learned helplessness is related to causal attributions of some combination of internal/external, global/specific, and stable/unstable factors.
This helplessness provides fertile ground for chaos and lawlessness.
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These moves, indeed, demonstrate the Quds occupying regime's helplessness," Governor-General of Iran's northeastern province of North Khorassan Mohammad Hossein Jahanbakhsh told FNA.
Annette has always felt that the feelings of helplessness experienced as a child led to her problems in adulthood - panic attacks, depression and psychosomatic illnesses.
It is normal for people to experience initial feelings of helplessness when they experience a trauma," says Gloria Morrow, a licensed clinical psychologist and creator of the audio CD Maintaining Positive Emotions During Tough Times ($12.
In a moving victim impact statement, Victoria O'Connor told how she will never recover from the feeling of helplessness as she held her husband's head as he lay dying.
If schools are failing, each school employee who advances such nonsense weakens support for public education and advances the pernicious curriculum of misery and helplessness.
A century ago, physicians sought a way to overcome their helplessness against often-deadly infections.