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Synonyms for helpfulness



Synonyms for helpfulness

the property of providing useful assistance

friendliness evidence by a kindly and helpful disposition


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80 for the helpfulness subscale, indicating similar internal consistency with the Caucasian sample.
2011)[7] demonstrated that the prediction of a review's helpfulness is more accurate if usefulness is judged by a combination of the review's basic information, style, and semantic information than when the evaluation is based on a single factor.
HELPFULNESS OF STAFF: Posing my standard question of what to buy for a teenage boy, the assistant showing admirable ability to think outside the (X)box pointed out some mini speakers, a wooden table football game and a globe that not only looked good but could possibly be used for homework.
A central theme in previous online review research is the determination of what impacts the usefulness or helpfulness of a review.
Perceived father helpfulness, in contrast, was unrelated to these factors, and there was no relationship found between paternal involvement and children's health status.
When asked what aspects of the service they liked, passengers voted helpfulness of train conductors to the top slot, followed by helpfulness of ticket office staff.
Although these results are novel and exciting, more information is required regarding the helpfulness of such drugs in humans.
The site urges youngsters to rate their teachers for categories like helpfulness and popularity.
Scientists at University College Dublin (UCD) developed a system to improve the helpfulness of online customer reviews and have been awarded a distinguished paper award at the British Computer Society's annual Artificial Intelligence Conference for their efforts.
I feel the lack of helpfulness contributed to her defeat.
There is evidence that the smile of a stranger also enhances helpfulness (Gueguen & de Gail, 2003; Solomon et al.
The awards are based on the consultancy's Cash & Carry Retailer & Caterer Customer Tracking Programme, which polls 6,000 independent retailers and caterers on customer satisfaction, speed of service and staff helpfulness at their local cash & carry.
Moreover, neither study empirically tested the relative helpfulness of various features of the collaboratives.
In the spirit of helpfulness, here are some folk who could and should go: lThe presenter of Piers Morgan's Life Stories.
Examined were the value or helpfulness of specific class activities in terms of helping students understand concepts and course material and whether the activities were perceived as enjoyable, motivating, and a good model for future classroom use.