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Synonyms for helpful

Synonyms for helpful

Antonyms for helpful

providing assistance or serving a useful function

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It should be helpful also to indicate briefly some of the more specific mannerisms of pseudo-classical poetry, in addition to the general tendencies named above on page 190.
Thousands of thoughts go through your mind each day, and while many are helpful, there will also be unhelpful thoughts that lead to negative feelings or actions, and these could hold you back from achieving your get-healthy goals.
PESHAWAR -- Known as King of fruits, Mango is a great source of nutrition containing vitamins, which gives extra energy to people and helpful in food digestion besides minimizes chances of heat strokes during holy month of Ramazan.
teachers believe students' use of digital devices will have helpful rather than harmful effects on students' education.
Simply and clearly written narrative paired with precise matching illustrations and photos, "Complete Book of Sewing Techniques" is a helpful tool for the beginning, intermediate, and even advanced seamstress.
The young doctor, the pleasant and helpful nurses - all of them.
adults got information about the 2016 presidential campaign in a recent week, but they're divided about the most helpful sources of news and information.
The survey team asked the participants whether their employers offered six different benefits enrollment resources, and whether the participants found those resources to be helpful. The resources listed included: printed brochures; websites; opportunities to speak with in-house benefits managers; opportunities to speak with representatives from the insurers; online decision-making tools; and annual medical claims and expense summaries.
The book annotations are most helpful, as are the six to ten titles that are recommended from each area.
The "Helpful is Beautiful" campaign, which was jointly developed by Ace and Valspar, is the largest ad campaign in Ace's history.
Ace Hardware and Valspar Paint unveiled "Helpful is Beautiful," a new advertising campaign.
"Bee Helpful" is a brilliant illustrated children's story from a series called the Sunny Bee Books.
Fort Lauderdale, FL, April 30, 2014 --( Helpful Technologies, Inc.