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Synonyms for helpful

Synonyms for helpful

Antonyms for helpful

providing assistance or serving a useful function

References in classic literature ?
The short, fat cyclist stared blankly for a moment, then with a helpful cry began to scrabble in the road-grit.
Shaw was a nervous, fussy invalid, who wanted something every five minutes; so Polly found plenty of small things to do for her and did, them so cheerfully, that the poor lady loved to have the quiet, helpful child near, to wait upon her, read to her, run errands, or hand the seven different shawls which were continually being put on or off.
First, the big dog, barking at intervals; then the good-natured Irishman, trundling "that divil of a whirligig," as he disrespectfully called the idolized velocipede; then the wounded hero, supported by the helpful Polly; and Maud brought up the rear in tears, bearing Tom's cap.
My one consolation was that the reading of the Trial had already revealed to me the helpful figures of two friends on whose sympathy I might surely rely.
In the new teacher she found another true and helpful friend.
Miss Felicity King has edited our helpful household department very ably, and Miss Cecily King's fashion notes were always up to date.
Dora is so womanly and helpful, and Davy is developing into a very smart boy.
His declining years were saddened by the loss of friends, and he had never married, though his dependent and sensitive nature would have made marriage especially helpful to him.
It should be helpful also to indicate briefly some of the more specific mannerisms of pseudo-classical poetry, in addition to the general tendencies named above on page 190.
Perhaps if I had had a helpful woman at my elbow, a dear, flattering acute, devoted woman .
In a few severely unadorned words she gave me to understand that she had ventured to hope for some really helpful suggestion from me.
The influence of a beautiful, helpful, hopeful character is contagious, and may revolutionize a whole town.
But at least, sir," said I to James, recovering from my little fit of annoyance, "I am Alan's friend, and if I can be helpful to friends of his, I will not stumble at the risk.
The dictionary features: Brief History of the Hmong; Tone Markers; Consonants; Vowels; Tone combination; The Body and helpful phrases; Clothing; Numbers and helpful phrases; Colors and helpful phrases; Motions/Emotions with simple sentences; Fruits and helpful phrases; Vegetables; School; Animals; At Home; Location; Nature; Types of Weather; Seasons and helpful phrases; The Market; Family / Relations; Opposites; Traveling Phrases; Verb List; Hmong Names; and a Complete Index.
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