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(Middle Ages) a person who is bound to the land and owned by the feudal lord

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This was not a random, deserted headland, as Thucydides has the two Athenian generals sneeringly say; it was territory in the heart of Messenia, among the helot population that was such a constant worry to Sparta.
Sparta parried the threat from Athens, only to find its fears realized a generation later by Epaminondas, the Theban general who defeated Sparta and liberated the helots.
En la misma linea, Helot (2012) explica como el alumnado de minorias queda relegado de los proyectos bilingues y de sus beneficios, que solo se aplican a lenguas de prestigio o para proteger lenguas nacionales o regionales minoritarias como el catalan o el gales.
Foreign languages such as German, Spanish, and Italian are accorded higher status in France than regional languages and non-European immigrant languages such as Arabic (Beardsmore, Helot, & Young, 2005) which has reportedly been restricted as a primary language tool to promote student instruction (Young & Helot, 2003).
I have scraped clean the plateau from the filthy earth Earth the unchaste, the fruitful, the great grand maternal Sprawling creature, lolling at random and supine The broad-faced, sluttish helot, the slave wife Grubby and warm, who opens unashamed Her thousand wombs unguarded to the lickerous sun.
In 300, the Spartan hosts commit blasphemy by executing the Persian ambassadors; in Three, it is Spartan guests who execute their Helot hosts.
Tony Pulis' Palace host his former club Stoke on Saturday, and winger Yannick Bolasie said: "I am sure helot, but I think now we are showing much more consistency in our defending.
Refinery Helot Refinery yield (expressed as a percentage) represents the percent of finished product produced from input of crude oil and net input of unfinished oils.
Existe una amplia literatura que analiza la relacion entre dichas politicas (de Mejia y Helot 2008; Gonzalez 2010; Aguirre Licht 2009); sin embargo, los efectos negativos que las politicas de lenguas mayoritarias tienen en la situacion de la lenguas minoritarias no se ha hecho tan evidente.
126) Christine Helot & Andrea Young, Bilingalism and Language Education in French Primary Schools: Why and How Should Migrant Languages Be Valued?
Bolstered by exhaustive research, Pressfield tells the story of the Spartans and their definitive stand through the fictional character of Xeones, a helot "support troop" who is, miraculously, the lone Greek survivor of the battle.
This Muse is the apparitional white woman whom he had all along credited with having been the source of his most positive and transforming ideas and intuitions, the origin of his growing sense that he is far greater in human worth than the internalized image of a sub-human helot implanted in his psyche by the material conditions of his existence and virulently racist colonialist ideology.
14) The value of the embankments that one wishes to oppose to this multitude being shrewdly calculated, they will cajole a part of this group to administer the necessary materials to construct that embankment, and the remainder will be destined to the proletariat, to prison, to slavery, to the slaughterhouse, and to be, in other words, either a helot in Sparta or a pariah among the Bramins or a Negro in the United States or an Indian in Calcutta or Irish in London.