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When the pirates saw all this, then at last they bade the helmsman to put the ship to land.
I missed my late helmsman awfully,-- I missed him even while his body was still lying in the pilot-house.
I had made up my mind that if my late helmsman was to be eaten, the fishes alone should have him.
I saw and realized these things even as I was leaping into the pilot-house and grasping the wheel, standing astride the dead body of the helmsman.
I took no notice of him and raised my tone just enough to be heard by the helmsman.
I can't see the sails very well," the helmsman an- swered me, in strange, quavering tones.
Good full, sir," cried the helmsman in a frightened, thin, childlike voice.
The mast fell upon the head of the helmsman in the ship's stern, so that the bones of his head were crushed to pieces, and he fell overboard as though he were diving, with no more life left in him.
Why d'ye see, Captain Vangs,' says bold Jack, 'I'm as good a helmsman as ever put hand to spoke; but none of us can steer the old lady now.
At this moment, anchor broken out and headsails running up, Captain Van Horn, whose quick eye had missed no detail of the incident, with an order to the black helmsman turned to applaud Jerry.
Arran helmsman Martin Wood was delighted no one had been hurt but reminded all sailors planning an open water crossing to have a contact on shore who was aware of their plans.
Volunteer helmsman Cameron Bond said: "When we found him, the dog had swam about 120 metres out and was looking pretty exhausted.
Series leaders Emirates Team New Zealand, with a 10-point lead over Ainslie's British team Landrover BAR, will be missing star helmsman Pete Burling who has been central to their success this season.
In the campaign, named "Eyes on Gigi," the lovely American lady works her magic in a short clip under the direction of "Quantum of Solace" helmsman Marc Forster.
In her new role, Michel will oversee the underwriting, sales and service of casualty insurance products for the large risk market, while continuing her leadership duties at Helmsman Management Services, Liberty Mutual's wholly-owned third-party administrator (TPA).