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having the convex shape of a helmet

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In sunglasses and with a bizarre surgical hairnet covering a helmet-shaped swathe of bandages, the 77-year-old ex-astronaut emerged from hospital after a nip and tuck operation to make him look younger.
Sure enough, MerriamWebster's 10th Collegiate shows us "topee or topi (1835) a lightweight helmet-shaped hat made of pith or cork.
The grandest of all are the sturdy stems and helmet-shaped seed pods of Acanthus spinosa.
The patent describes a novel design of the dewar vessel with a helmet-shaped recess at one end.
The Michael Schumacher Collection for computer users includes a Formula One helmet-shaped mouse at #pounds 18.
The helmet-shaped pizzas represent a novel, first-time approach in an industry where the round pizza pie has long been the standard.
The Prentif Cavity-Rim Cervical Cap is a helmet-shaped, rubber device which, when used with spermicide, acts as a physical and chemical barrier to sperm.