helmet orchid

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any of numerous orchids of the genus Pterostylis having leaves in a basal rosette and green flowers often striped purple or brown or red with the dorsal sepal incurved to form a hood

any of several orchids of the genus Coryanthes having racemes of a few musky-scented waxy flowers with a helmet-shaped lip process

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To see the grooved helmet orchid flower would be a once-in-a-lifetime event for most scientists on Macquarie Island, so to have it on display in Hobart is incredibly exciting.
The grooved helmet orchid will be used by the RTBGs Native Orchid Conservation and Research Program to understand the conditions in which it can survive and flourish.
Australian Antarctic Division Principal Research Scientist, Dr Dana Bergstrom, said helmet orchids have exceptionally large flowers compared to the rest of the plant.
There are just over 100 species of helmet orchids worldwide, stretching from the Himalayas to Australia, New Zealand and some Pacific and sub-Antarctic islands, Dr Bergstrom said.