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Unless you're in on the two-forone movie ticket deals at Old Orleans (which don't seem to be promoted well unless you ask) this place is hellishly expensive for what you get - the bread with our 'cheapest' burgers was as tasteless as the naff presentation.
Apart from the fact that this music must be hellishly hard to sing, Micklethwaite's performance is stunning and completely lacking in the sort of swaggering precocity which one occasionally suffers from young prodigious talent.
Kenyans were off to an ultra-cautious start, realising the task before them was hellishly difficult.
They contain lakes of hellishly hot mud, lazily lovely rivers, crystalline seas.
Backed by the now familiar army of passionate fans, the TLS Bears travelled to Derwent Park for the deciding leg of their semi-final showdown knowing that a five-point lead from the first leg would be hellishly difficult to defend.
The Bellows - Folky, rootsy, bluesy, dirty and hellishly good fun.
Still, at least action had been taken to reduce demand for the loos by making it hellishly difficult to obtain refreshments.
The hundreds of British homeowners facing the festive season in a caravan while their water-logged properties continue to dry out, be redecorated or simply made habitable again probably won't be tuning in to this one, as they will hardly need reminding of what a hellishly wet year it has been.
It's hellishly difficult to concentrate on Coronation Street with all that racket going on.
At 7 o'clock in the morning, just as I had slumped into the deepest category of REM ever recorded, the telephone rang, its jangling echoing hellishly around the uncarpeted room.
This spring they embark on a national tour of the hellishly fun Games of Steel (2005), a 75-minute dance/rock opera-esque game show set amid a playground of welded thingamajigs.
She's the wizard at Scorsese's side, getting the action to jump off the screen while setting up psychological provocations that reverb hellishly in your head.
First, it meant rejiggering schedules, and second, navigating a hellishly blockaded stretch of Quebec Street north of Interstate 70, where a gauntlet of construction workers and lumbering trucks rose up as demons put forth to imperil my quest to get to the soccer stadium where Kroenke's 10 a.
Prior to 1905, the Salton Sink was a hellishly hot but thriving agricultural area lying along the bottom of the lowest geological point in North America.
There's also a harrowing torture scene with prisoners being blasted by hellishly loud music.