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It's always going to be a tight, hellishly tough league.
Mariner 2's radiometer scans ruled out another hypothesis then current--that Venus's upper atmosphere, and not its surface, had made the planet appear so hellishly hot in earlier observations from Earth.
Therefore, any question of life existing on these worlds is moot, they will likely be hellishly hot, with no chance of liquid water existing on their surfaces.
Normally I'd agree and sympathise that, yes, in fact moving is hellishly stressful but KK and her hubby have an army of people to organise it all for them.
Machacek described the oil market as confusing: "One minute it looks hellishly weak and you would expect further downside and a few hours later it has recovered.
Any team likely to feature players of the calibre of fit-again Steven Gerrard, Craig Bellamy and Dirk Kuyt is going to be hellishly difficult to beat.
It gets hellishly cold in Maine and as a young man with a family when the timber industry shut down Ken went to T/C looking for an out-of-the-cold winter job.
Superimposed on the dress is a diagram of hellishly crowded billeting on a slave ship, demonstrating how to most efficiently transport chattel on a transatlantic voyage.
Unless you're in on the two-forone movie ticket deals at Old Orleans (which don't seem to be promoted well unless you ask) this place is hellishly expensive for what you get - the bread with our 'cheapest' burgers was as tasteless as the naff presentation.
Apart from the fact that this music must be hellishly hard to sing, Micklethwaite's performance is stunning and completely lacking in the sort of swaggering precocity which one occasionally suffers from young prodigious talent.
Kenyans were off to an ultra-cautious start, realising the task before them was hellishly difficult.
They contain lakes of hellishly hot mud, lazily lovely rivers, crystalline seas.
The Bellows - Folky, rootsy, bluesy, dirty and hellishly good fun.
Still, at least action had been taken to reduce demand for the loos by making it hellishly difficult to obtain refreshments.
The hundreds of British homeowners facing the festive season in a caravan while their water-logged properties continue to dry out, be redecorated or simply made habitable again probably won't be tuning in to this one, as they will hardly need reminding of what a hellishly wet year it has been.