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a rowdy or mischievous person (usually a young man)

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From Hellion to the rarely played Inside The Electric Circus and I Don't Need No Doctor, the crowd lapped it up.
It is the debut of Bosnian author Argent Hellion and has been compared in style to George R.
At 7 tonight, the event will begin with: "Crispin Hellion Glover's Big Slide Show Part 2" followed by his film, "It Is Fine
Through the affiliation, Hospital San Jose and Hospital Zambrano Hellion will facilitate patient access to the medical talent at The Methodist Hospital in specialized complementary clinical services, collaborate on the transfer of knowledge between medical teams of both institutions, and improve care through the incorporation of the best available medical practices.
Eleven handicapper Rhys Williams was round in 70 for a nett 59 to win a medal by three from Dan O'Sullivan (83-21-62) with Eifion Lloyd Jones (82-18-64) third and Kevin Parry (70-6-64) won another medal from Nelly Wynne (81-16-65) and Jake Hellion (82-16-66).
Among the artists Sam Phillips discovered and recorded at Sun Records in the 1950sAuincluding Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Carl PerkinsAuLewis, the biggest hellion of them all and the one Phillips once described as Aoon balance, probably the most talented human being I ever had the opportunity to work withAo, has outlived every one.
Saint or sinner, heroine or hellion, the depiction of women in the history of art has been a function of changing social attitudes and moral conventions.
Rimbaud's being a hellion, a radical, and a visionary didn't mean he couldn't also produce a sonnet in alexandrine verses.
A diesel-powered rally-racer with an attitude" is the best way to describe the Hyundai HDC10 Hellion Concept vehicle.
And Hellion FC came out on top 4-3 against Irish Centre Reserves with Adam Stephenson grabbing a hat trick for the winners.
com) and are imported by Hellion Wines in Wigan (www.
Our Cry-Baby isn't such a hellion after all, though he does try to persuade Allison to loosen up in "Can I Kiss You With Tongue?
5th Hellion T3 10/1 half length, crowded early, stayed
In his last break, he filmed Hellion, a supernatural criminal drama about the kidnapping of a spooky young boy, which is due out in this year.
Catherine Coulter's The Hellion Bride (159737797X, $26.