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(Greek mythology) the three-headed dog guarding the entrance to Hades

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A recent PBS documentary, Road to Memphis, is based on Sides's research for Hellhound on His Trail, which takes its title from a blues song by Robert Johnson.
In this evolution, the Cain-Abel archetype becomes the image of England's Tudor salvation, personified in the Earl of Richmond and his killing the hellhound Richard III.
This work gives ample freedom of expression to the various, often sophisticated arguments of the volitionally hellhound, such as this from a character Lewis calls the "Episcopal Ghost": "For me there is no such thing as a final answer.
Plans are already in progress to revive another 1980s classic; Jax and the Hellhound and the Company promises to reintroduce Major Lancer and The Starlight Squadron for Christmas.
These include the Hellhound (for High Order Unbelievable Nasty Destructive series) low velocity multipurpose grenade which delivers 55 per cent more shrapnel than the standard M433 round, the Draco (Direct Range Air Consuming Ordnance) enhanced blast explosive multi-purpose grenade, the Solar Flare white star parachute illumination round and the Huntir (High-altitude Unit Navigated Tactical Imaging Round).
The legend of a hellhound haunting the Baskerville moors, claiming a member from each generation of the Baskerville family, has apparently proved to be reality yet again, and now a new Baskerville - Sir Henry (Matt Day) - is moving into the family mansion, offering a new throat for those fearsome fangs.
The dynamism between Jagger's fey aristocratic leaning and Richards' hellhound malevolence is what makes this album so great, from the tribal tom-toms of Sympathy For The Devil to the choral majesty of Salt Of The Earth.
Which means that they come across like souls possessed, high priests and spirit-ridden horses all, breathing hot hellhound air, singing songs like the old gods speaking.
HELLHOUND ON HIS TRAIL The Stalking of Martin Luther King, Jr and the International Hunt for his Assassin | HAMPTON SIDES: Sides recounts James Earl Ray's growing obsession with prominent civil rights leader Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.
The others struggle to avert the entrance of the tragic at all costs, associating the wolf whistle with benign, domestic sounds--of a parrot or a train--or concentrate on substitute problems, no matter how weird, for example how to tell a hellhound from a big rat (35).
Yet also of Medea, whom the herb-doctor also cites: Medea, who serves up wolfs-bane, or aconite, distilled from the foam spewed by the hellhound Cerberus.
When he fights with Macduff his opponent's "Turn, Hellhound, turn
Hart is Watson to Roxburgh's Holmes, in the case of the hellhound of Dartmoor.
The album includes that blues classic, Hellhound On My Trail.