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Synonyms for hellhole

any place of pain and turmoil

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As he was taken away by dock security officers, he shouted: "You're sending me to a hellhole full of spies and drug addicts.
When they were there on a lie and they are badly equipped and are sent to a hellhole on nothing, it's tough for a man to take, I think.
Max Kilgore used to be a good kid, or at least that is what Damicos Hellhole tells readers.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Pakistani officials are furious with Showtime after watching the fourth season of its hit show "Homeland," which they say portrays their country as an ugly, ignorant, terror-plagued hellhole, according to New York Post.
In Homeland it's portrayed as a grimy hellhole and war zone where shootouts and bombs go off.
His concern is the growth of the airport has created a hellhole at the Bathurst Quay, traffic congestion, an influx of passengers and ongoing construction that is impacting the Queens Quay revitalization.
It may only take a handful of judges who wander from the legal beam to create a Judicial Hellhole.
A FORMER pupil at an approved school run by nuns yesterday told a court: "It was a hellhole worse than prison.
Even in Judicial Hellhole jurisdictions, including some that have received national attention, the clear majority of judges are fair, and the negative publicity can be blamed on a few bad apples.
The new hotel offers 96 rooms and 12 suites, a pool deck with infinity pool, and event centre plus views of Palomar Mountain and Hellhole Canyon Preserve.
ATRF's Judicial Hellhole list identifies the nations "most unfair civil court jurisdictions" annually.
The stunning scale version of a Lancaster Bomber was fashioned out of wood, tin cans, matchsticks and paint used for work in the Second World War hellhole.
Hopefully, Vinny and his clients--the "two youts"--Hill never end up in a judicial hellhole again.
Imprisoned in a hellhole and tormented by a sadistic warden, Broda Joe devises a clever plan of escape when he hears that his little brother has been orphaned, knowing that Tug will need him now more than ever.
On that day; he demonstrated that it was a hellhole.