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large salamander of North American rivers and streams

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The eastern hellbender is a giant native salamander (growing up to 16 inches) that is listed as endangered in many states.
Q: After reading the article about hellbenders in our last issue, several people contacted us and asked: Are hellbenders and mudpuppies the same critter?
Hellbenders, also known as snot otters and devil dogs, can grow to more than two feet long and inhabit 16 states in the eastern U.
Hellbender testes become enlarged as the breeding season approaches (Ratcliff, 1965; Ingersol et al.
In last year's article "Construction and Use of Artificial Shelters to Supplement Habitat for Hellbenders (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis)" in the Herpetological Review, Briggler and Ackerson noted that biologists had recognized a need to artificially propagate the Hellbenders to preserve/restore the species, and address the cause of their decline.
Hellbender arrived at Harris's yard only last week and to say the victory caught him by surprise was an understatement.
David Barron's four-yearold raced on soft going over course and distance two outings ago and came up with a three-and-threequarter-length defeat of Hellbender.
North Carolina's Randolph Community College advertising and graphic design students have been working on a project with the North Carolina Zoo to create a costume for the Eastern hellbender salamander to promote education about this species, which is in decline and listed as a Species of Concern.
In the middle of a dark Missouri night, hellbender #10 slowly works its way upstream, the swift, cold current pressing loose skin against its body in wrinkled waves.
MANDHOOMA - ran above expectations over six furlongs on her handicap debut at Lingfield and it was only close home the better-fancied Hellbender pulled away to relegate the Oasis Dream filly to second.
The Ozark hellbender (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis bishopi), which can reach a length of about 2 feet (0.
The hellbender (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis) is the largest species of salamander native to North America.
In that instant I realized that my question had answered itself I was looking at a hellbender, one of our continent's largest salamanders.
Amateur driver Mark Woodley died when Hellbender, Vampire's "twin", left the track at just under 300mph and hit a lamp standard.