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Synonyms for helix

Synonyms for helix

a curve that lies on the surface of a cylinder or cone and cuts the element at a constant angle

a structure consisting of something wound in a continuous series of loops

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By using varnish, The Helix can add clear ink giving the image a shiny, yet elegant look to it.
The design of the deck layout of <Bthe Siem Helix, which shows OSBIT Power's maintenance and storage tower (grey structure to the left) and moveable deck (in orange).
based Helix Medical has 10 manufacturing operations worldwide.
Figure 1(a) shows the three-dimensional model of the novel slotted helix SWS, which consists of a slotted helix tape, three Beryllia support rods and a stainless steel shell.
Helix was founded in 1887 and employed 37 people at its UK headquarters at the time of the fall into administration.
Helix routers can serve as a central hub of connectivity for mobile and portable workstations like those found in modern delivery trucks, ambulances, and field service vehicles.
Helix Wind offers two models of its Vertical Axes Wind Turbines (VAWT) for electricity generation.
Jenline's operations became a division of Helix last year and was renamed earlier this year to Helix Medical-Gloucester Operations.
The message reinforced the fact that the Helix brands have been trusted performers for over five years, and that growers have a choice, Helix or Helix XTra.
Cingular's next generation video service will be hosted using Real's Helix Media Delivery System, the basis for delivery for the Helix OnlineTV application.
Tool manufacturers now offer a wide variety of more modern end mills for which there is a choice of helix angle.
Note that both helix outlets are provided with one product funnel, dust-tight outlet with a top inspection door for cleaning.
As luck would have it, that put the luminous Helix nebula directly in the telescopes line of sight.
Microcadam will withdraw its Helix Design System solid modeling software from the North American and European markets on June 30.