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green chalcedony with red spots that resemble blood


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Notes of: green tea, Moroccan mimosa, white violet and heliotrope 'A gorgeous bottle and a scent that's even more heavenly.
Vleugels emphasized that it's important not to miss a more subtle, less violaceous heliotrope eruption, especially in lighter-skinned patients; similarly, Gottron's papules are not always papular and limited to the knuckle pads, but can be more macular and linear, with psoriasiform scaling.
The single-level home on a corner lot at 245 Heliotrope Avenue is on one of Corona del Mar's coveted 'Flower Streets.
Le bandeau de la couronne comporte sept pierres precieuses et semi-precieuses dont les premieres lettres des noms en anglais forment le mot << Alberta >> : amethyste, lazurite, heliotrope (bloodstone), emeraude, rubis, topaze et agate.
The adult form is predominant among female patients with a clinical presentation which includes a Heliotrope rash (Fig.
Of course, there are the obvious candidates among the annuals - pots of night-scented stocks, traditional nicotiana (tobacco plants), vanilla-scented heliotrope with its violet or white blooms, blue-vein surfinia and night phlox.
Heliotrope is at its most attractiveness at sunrise and sunset and is grown in Southern Europe as one of ingredients in perfume.
To celebrate the show, Moorland Rugs have also commissioned a rug featuring the Chelsea Flower Show's heliotrope symbol, which will be available as a bespoke item.
Fragrance Notes: Top: African Pear, Sparkling Clementine, Ruby Apple Mid: Wild Jasmine, Sheer Gardenia, Heliotrope Petals, Golden Plumeria Dry: Madagascar Vanilla Accord, White Sandalwood, Creamy Musk You can find it in the Eau de toilette for BD18.
For superior fragrance, grow heliotrope -- both the lavender and the white flower forms.
Winter Heliotrope ydi'r enw Saesneg arnyn nhw am eu bod yn blodeuo yng nghanol y gaeaf.
Warm top notes of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, with a heart of rose, heliotrope, plum and almond, narrate the fondest memories of a loved one's life.
But Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's Universal Smart Window (USW) Coating, developed in collaboration with Heliotrope Technologies Inc.
With notes of pink pepper, strawberry, tuberose, jasmine, white lily, heliotrope and white woods, it is packed in a crystal faceted bottle designed to be "reminiscent of a paparazzi flash bulb".