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an apparatus for sending telegraphic messages by using a mirror to turn the sun's rays off and on

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signal by means of a mirror and the using the sun's rays

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The response of the solar wind distribution to the solar cycle depends on the heliographic latitude.
Note on the distribution of sun-spots in heliographic latitude, 1874-1902.
However, Gioli's cinema takes us even further back than the creation-myth of proto-cinema--through the Thaumatropes, Phenakistoscopes and first chronophotographic devices--back towards the birthplace of photographic images, the first positive Heliographic image of a window in Joseph Niepce's studio.
53) Marcus Aurelius Root, The Camera and the Pencil; or, the Heliographic Art (Vermont, 1971), p.
He made the finest examples of this Heliographic process, as he called it, in 1826, when he contact-printed an engraving of Cardinal d'Amboise, dissolved the soluble bitumen, and put the plate in an acid bath.
In other chapters information of interest to only the most dedicated enthusiasts--such as the mathematical technique for determining the heliographic latitude and longitude of a sunspot--is belabored in the main text.
Soho - Solar and Heliographic Observatory - detected the solar flare on its Lasco coronagraph equipment, designed and built by Birmingham University, as it orbited one million miles from Earth.
The Solar Heliographic Observatory satellite measured the huge explosion, called an X-Class flare, which is the largest class recorded.
The barracks and officers' messes, as the author observes, are a sergeant's paradise of gleaming cannon, white-painted stones, starched uniforms and heliographic boots.
Heliographic Peak is named for the Army heliograph network used during the last year of the wars, when signals from mirrors were reflected across southern Arizona.
Police forces have found around 18 artifacts in the chamber including a milestone that features heliographic carvings about King Seti II and another milestone that features a drawing for the key of life.