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an apparatus for sending telegraphic messages by using a mirror to turn the sun's rays off and on

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signal by means of a mirror and the using the sun's rays

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This will enable the new "Luscher Technologies Ltd" to take advantage of all kinds of synergies in the area of administration, logistics and operations using the infrastructure and support of Daetwyler Graphics AG (a subsidiary of Heliograph Group).
19 I 7, a multiple-exposure image that tracks the sun's passage on the winter solstice as a set of twelve glowing orbs arced above the horizon, was orbs juxtaposed with Chris McCaw's Heliograph #7, 20 12, which does not depict the sun but registers its movement and energy as vectors literally burned through the print's surface.
Hanging on the wall adjacent to McNamee's prints was Adam Schreiber's photograph (made in 2009) of Joseph Nicephore Niepce's heliograph, View from the Window at Le Gras, the first permanent photographic image created in 1826.
Sorry, but we don't have staff to receive snail-mail, FAXes, smoke signals, semaphore or heliograph.
As Grimm watched he saw the fugitive's hands glint once like the flash of a heliograph as the sun struck the handcuffs, and it seemed to him that even from here he could hear the panting and desperate breath of the man who even now was not free.
He survived and walked through the desert to find help, finding shelter in an abandoned German reconnaissance truck and constructing a heliograph to find rescue.
By 1877 signalmen started practicing with the heliograph at Fort Whipple, Virginia and flashed signals up to 30 miles distant.
Within one hundred and fifty years after Joseph Niepce produced his first heliograph and thus launched the age of photography, photographic imagery was to become linked with twentieth century computer technology.
In England, the word was first presented in a lecture at the Royal Society, eventually winning out over its contemporary rivals photogene and heliograph.
From Kitchener's headquarters orders were flashed by telegraph and heliograph links across the veldt to a total of fifteen columns to intercept, contain and trap the rampaging Boers.
The heliograph would revolutionise battlefield signalling two decades later, but at the time of the Crimean War orders from distant commanders were often based on out-of-date or erroneous information: senior officers were expected to exercise wide discretion before obeying such orders.
After Bauer's death in 1841, the heliograph passed from one person to another.
SolarMax was directed by John Weiley of the Australian production company Heliograph, with major funding by the National Science Foundation.
London-based financial messaging systems provider HelioGraph Ltd and Decillion Solutions Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based subsidiary of South African financial services group Decillion Ltd, have signed a partnership agreement.