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pertaining to or near the sun


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The Atharvaveda (AVg 13,1,22) calls Rohini the devoted wife of Rohita, the rising sun, which suggests heliacal observation.
As it appears to me, no real astronomical event such as eclipse, or conjunctions, or different phases of the moon, or heliacal rising, etc.
And yet, the heliacal rising of Sirius that occurred on or about a certain specific date every year would actually move forward one day every four years with the clerical 365-day calendar of the Egyptians, so that by the time of the post-Alexandrian pharaohs it was deemed so badly in need of reform that, once and for all, the ecclesiastic year was decreed that it should conform with the civil year.
Around 2,000 BC, the vernal equinox was marked by the heliacal rising of Aries (the Ram) and the rise of the house of princes from Thebes, a region favouring war and ram gods.
Smith wheelpoint to the stars Rigel, Aldebaran and Sirius, whose heliacal (near the sun) risings help chart summer.
APIN, known from several larger tablets, contains a wealth of astronomical information, including the names of the major stars and constellations; the heliacal rising dates of important stars; lists of stars and constellations that rise, culminate, or set at the same time; and methods for determining the positions and movements of the Sun, Moon, and planets.
1), Haliaeetus leucoryphus, Aquila rapax, Aquila heliacal, Sterna hirundo, Alcedo atthis, Tyto alba two individuals in each respectively.
Schaefer: "Astronomy and the Limits of Vision," Vistas in Astronomy 36 (1993): 311-61: "Lunar Crescent Visibility," Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society 37 (1996): 759-68; and "The Heliacal Rise of Sirius and Ancient Egyptian Chronology," Journal fir the History of Astronomical 31 (2000): 149-55.
11 DAWN: On this or the next few mornings watch the east-southeast horizon about 20 minutes before sunrise for the heliacal rising (first visibility) of Sirius as it emerges from the Sun's glare.
In addition to the determination of the times of prayer, the direction of Mecca, and the first sighting of the lunar crescent, topics discussed in such works include the lunar mansions and heliacal risings and acronychal settings of stars in relation to the seasons.
The ancient Egyptians noted that the heliacal (dawn) rising of Sirius coincided with the annual summer flooding of the Nile--so this rising became the marker of the Egyptian New Year.
11 DAWN: On this or the next few mornings, look low in the east-southeast about 20 minutes before sunrise for the heliacal rising (first dawn visibility) of Sirius as it emerges from the Sun's glare.
159) from Uruk establishes "correspondences between the liver examined by the haruspex and the heliacal risings of constellations.
In modern times, how many of us who enjoy the Dog Nights of winter, observing Sirius on February evenings, also try to look for the heliacal rising of Sirius at August dawns?
Egyptian dates of the heliacal rising of Sirius (Greek Sothis); (11) the decanal clock on Meshet's coffin; (12) the Book of Nut; (13) the dramatic text in Seti I's cenotaph; (14) the Ramesside star clock; (15) Amenemhet's water clock; (16) the shadow clock in Seti I's cenotaph; (17) the zodiacs in the temples at Esna and Dendera; and (18) the statue of the astronomer Harkhebi.